School Wide Morning Meeting Message 11/14/2016

Dear EVCS students,

I hope you had a wonderful and restorative three-day weekend with your families!

At the last two School-Wide Morning Meetings I talked to you about our first Core Value: Kindness.  Kind people show concern for others, for our school, and for the environment.  Kind people have empathy and try to understand or share other people’s feelings.  Every single person in our school community has the capacity and ability to be kind!  Today I want to introduce you to our next core value:

Our core value is Social Action.

Social action involves identifying things that are wrong in our world and then taking steps to make them better.

Sometimes the problems of the world seem so big that it’s hard to imagine how we can make a difference.  But we can think about ways to make an impact here in our own community.  For example, there are people right here in our neighborhood who don’t have enough food to eat.  We can help those neighbors by collecting cans and boxes of food for the annual Harvest Festival.  This is a form of social action!  We’ll all march down to the soup kitchen next week and deliver the food we’ve collected.  When you go into the soup kitchen, please say a big “Thank you!” to the kind women and men who work there.  They are also doing a kind of social action by preparing the donated food for our hungry neighbors.

There are so many other ways to help make the world a kinder and better place through social action, and you will explore some of those ways with your classmates this year.

In the words of Margaret Mead,  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Don’t underestimate your ability to be make a positive change in the world!  We’re counting on you!



School Wide Morning Meeting Message 9/26/16

Dear EVCS students,

Welcome to the first School-wide Morning Meeting of the year!  For our new students and families – School-wide Morning Meeting is one of our favorite traditions at EVCS.  Every other Monday morning our whole school community gets together to sing songs, share things we’ve been working on in music class, and think about what is most essential in our learning.

This year, in addition to exploring the Habits of Mind together, we will be thinking about our Core Values as a school.  What are the things we care about the most at our school?  What is universal at EVCS, regardless of what grade you are in?  What do we stand for?

We will be working on developing a short list of our core values this year, but I want to start us off with the first one:

Our Core Value is kindness.

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School Wide Morning Meeting Message 11/16/2015

November 16, 2015

Dear EVCS Students,

Welcome to School-wide morning meeting!

Some of you may have noticed that the bulletin board in the 4th floor hallway near our main office is all about the Habits of Mind.  Each month our friends in the 5th grade have been decorating the bulletin board with helpful information about the Habit of Mind of the Month.  Please be sure to take a look at the bulletin board to learn more about this month’s Habit of Mind and to get a preview of which Habits of Mind are coming up in the following months.  Thanks very much to the 5th graders for their beautiful work!

habit of mind


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School Wide Morning Meeting Message 11/2/2015

November 2, 2015

Welcome to School-Wide Morning Meeting!  I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!  It was great seeing so many of our families in their wonderful costumes at our Fall Ball.  Huge thanks to all of the parents who helped to organize the Fall Ball this year, especially James Bromberg our Parent Coordinator and Gia’s dad George for putting the whole event together and Rachael’s dad Eric for running the haunted house.

November’s Habit of Mind is Listening with Understanding and Empathy.  When we listen with understanding and empathy we devote energy to understanding each other’s thoughts and feelings.  When we are listening well we can paraphrase another’s ideas accurately, build upon them, clarify them, give examples of them, and even challenge those ideas.  Listening with understanding and empathy doesn’t mean we have to agree with others’ ideas, but that we can see things through their perspective. Some psychologists believe that the ability to listen to another person, to empathize with, and to understand their point of view is one of the highest forms of intelligent behavior. Continue reading

EVCS Next week and more 11/16 – 11/20

Screen_Shot_2014-11-05_at_1.10.51_PMDear Families

Thanks to parents the plants made it in just in time! We appreciate the help of taking care of plants this winter! Keep an eye on the weather and be sure to dress your child accordingly! It keeps surprising us.


Monday, November 16
School Wide Morning Meeting Our Kindergarten classes will be hosting!
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SWMM on 11/30 will be 2nd grade, & on 12/14 it will be 4th grade  Continue reading

School Wide Morning Meeting Message 9/21/2015

Dear EVCS Students,

Welcome to the first School-wide morning meeting of the year! It’s so good to be back here with you in our auditorium, singing loud and proud!

This year all the classes in our school will be exploring a different Habit of Mind every month. September’s Habit of Mind is managing impulsivity. When we manage our impulsivity we think before we act, we stay focused on our goals and stop ourselves from saying or doing things that don’t help us achieve those goals. Managing impulsivity is having self control and being able to self regulate. Sometimes this can be really hard! But people who can manage their impulsivity often achieve great things.

The picture we associate with managing impulsivity is a traffic light with the yellow light shining.


This reminds us to slow down, think and be deliberate. The great artist Vincent Van Gogh said,
“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will avoid one hundred days of sorrow.” What do you think this means?
You will be learning more about this Habit of Mind throughout the month of September. But the truth is you will be practicing this Habit of Mind and getting better and better at it throughout your life.
Have a fantastic day everyone!