Helping Dear EVCS staffmember’s Family in Puerto Rico

Dear EVCS Families,

We wanted to thank everyone for all of their efforts in donating to the Hurricane Relief Collection for Puerto Rico. So many families were affected by Hurricane Maria. One such family is that of our beloved Pre-K Paraprofessional, Yolanda Ferra. We would like to help.

While Yolanda’s uncle and cousins lost their homes completely, her mother’s home is intact, but without necessities such as running water and electricity. Finding and preparing food and securing needed medicine and water has been and continues to be very problematic. And since there is no electricity, it has been difficult for Yolanda and her sister to communicate with her family to ensure that her mother, who is older and requires medications, is safe in these conditions. Yolanda’s family is working on getting their mother here to New York where they could provide better care for her.

It is clear that a lot of the relief efforts are not making their way to Yolanda’s home town of Bayamon, and we felt the need to do something to support Yolanda, who has been so generous with all of us, in helping her family as soon as we could.

Donate Now

Please considering donating via the above PayPal Button which we’ve put together to help raise money for Yolanda’s family during this difficult transitional time. The moneys will go directly to the PA and then right into Yolanda’s hands. No donation is too small!

Thank you so much for your kindness and please feel free to share.

In solidarity,
The Community Action Committee of the EVCS PA