Next! Sat. April 29th. It’s Our 30th Anniversary Spring Gala!

Last Call For Auction Donations!

If you have a donation item for the auction please fill out the on-line donation form ASAP! We are currently hard-at-work writing and putting the catalog together. We hope to have it ready to preview by Wednesday’s General PA meeting. On-line donation form

Volunteers needed! Many Hands Make Light Work, Yo!

There are tons of ways to help out, at all levels of commitment. WE NEED: Volunteers for load-in Friday. People to help set up sound, lights, auction tables and decorate the hall Saturday 12-5pm. Volunteers during the event for check-in and ticket sales, merch. sales and bartending. People to bring treats for the dessert table. Volunteers to help close the auction and cash the winners out. AND a clean up crew for the very end.

Even if you can give only 1/2 hour, every minute helps! Volunteer here



Please RSVP and Pre-register for the Auction. This will save you (and the volunteers at check-in) time when you arrive. Every person who comes needs to be registered and have a bidder number for the auction whether or not they plan to bid. ENTRY IS FREE! Bring (and pre-register) your friends and family!

Can’t Hardly Wait!

Thank you,

The Gala, Events, and Fundraising Committees and The PA Exec

The Spring Gala needs your help ASAP!


Hello Good families of EVCS,

Our Spring Auction is looking mighty bare! The Gala is April 29th only 6 weeks away and we urgently need items for the silent auction! If you’ve been putting off securing a donation or contributing something yourself, now is time to Get On It!

The school and students are counting on the PA to fund so much of the wonderful and enriching things at EVCS. This auction is how we raise those funds. Without great auction items we can’t raise the dearly needed money for all our kids.

If every family could chip in and bring at least one item, we would have a successful and fantastic event!

Links to the:

Online donation form (It Includes a letter to the donor)

Donation request – Sample email to past donors

FAQ Sheet

Thank you in advance for your efforts!


The Spring Gala and Fundraising Committees and the PA Exec.

Only 47 Days until the biggest EVCS fundraiser of the year!

The 30th Anniversary Gala

We already lost an hour last night and with a snowstorm on the way,

There is no time to waste…

your powers of persuasion are critical!

Spring Anniversary Gala is Saturday, April 29.
a month earlier this year! Be bold. Be proud and help your school
by bringing in a donation!


This is an evening of food, drinks, entertainment and a fantastic silent auction thrown entirely by the families of EVCS directly supporting our kids’ education and school life. There are many ways to be involved …

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EVCS Gala 2017-Celebrating 30 years!

Hello All EVCS Families!

Hope you are all enjoying the slopes, the beaches or the warmth and fun of NYC during the mid-winter break! Don’t forget to do your Parent Homework assignment sent out in backpacks last week! We are all tasked with bringing in items for the Spring Gala’s Silent Auction! The Gala is April 29th, a month earlier than past years, so we need to get cracking!


Reminder EVCS Spring Gala, Important Planning Meeting This Thursday!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.04.29 PM

EVCS will Celebrate 30 Years

at the Anniversary Gala coming up April 29!

Come one, come all to a kick-off planning meeting!
(ask your favorite places to donate something to the silent auction).

What are the most profitable items?

How do we ask for donations?

What happens at a Gala?

Join us next week on Thursday, January 26 and find out!
Yes, there will be coffee and bagels!
In the cafeteria after drop off 8:30 a.m.
To make it a success, we need all hands on deck. Hope to see you there!


Do you have questions and no time to make the meeting?

Do you want to help but you are not sure how?

Please reach out to, We will share information to help you, help us, make this the best Gala in EVCS history!

Kind Regards,
Spring Gala Committee

The Gala was a WIN WIN!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.39.41 AM

Good Morning Parents and Guardians,

We packed the house!

Saturday’s Gala was a success every way you cut it.
184 guests were counted, not including those who chose not to get a wristband for bidding. This must be a record!

We are over-joyed with the attendance, the energy, the excitement and the overall vibe felt this year at the gala. We left everyone wanting more…


We are still working on the silent auction final winners. If you won an additional item or still need to pick up we will be reaching out to the winners! Winners will be contacted directly to arrange for payment and pick up. Thank you for your patience.

On behalf of the EVCS events committee, we thank everyone who got involved, donated items, contributed online, helped plan and promote, who attended and jumped in to help out during the event.

Thank you volunteers: Noel Saltzman, Choresh Wald, Hannah Clark, Crystal Perry, Melissa Shiffman, Boryana Yakova, Melanie Kletter, Yvonne Ruiz, Sarah Lippin, Crystal Perry, Sharon Blumenkranz, Karyn Mendel, Alex Harkness, Jasmine Francis, Adam Farmerie, Gloria Ramnarine, Naumi Feldman, Nina Chaudry, Klaudia Bercow, Marla Rosenthal, Tristan Waldroop, Jeremy Sherber, Steven Garrelts

A shout out to Sirovich Community Center for their support and for sharing a wonderful local venue with our parent body.

Thank you Threes Brewing in Brooklyn for sponsoring delicious craft beer: Vliet Pils! Book your next event with Threes Brewing, they have a great place in Brooklyn- easy to get to and a very nice outdoor garden.

Thanks to Rock & Soul: NYC’s #1 DJ Equipment, Gear & Record Store – NYCfor sponsoring us with lights and sound! Schedule your next party or register for a Hands-On DJ Class, Private Lesson, Repairs or Hassle Free Rentals. They are located at 10 W 37th Street (bw 5th & 6th ave).

Hecho en Dumbo Sponsored the cava that fed the fountain cocktail and opened the evening! Thank you for your generous support and for the last minute vino run!

A standing O goes out to the family band:
PT Walkley – guitar, vocals
Steve Shiffman – guitar, vocals, keyboard
Dimi Dimitar – drums
James Askew – bass
Stephanie Nantell – trumpet
Bradley Goodman – trumpet
Nick Marcillio – Baritone Saxophone
Nandi Bosia – vocals
Barbara Martinez – vocals
Martha Hornthal – vocals
Engelbert Ramos – vocals
When do you go on tour? Rumors of recordings. It might be time to get that date on the calendar for battle of the bands D1 LES !
Thank you for closing out the evening with a dance set to remember.
Gala 2017, Your on…

Thank Nick for the disco ball! It spun fun and made the room shimmer thank you for additional equipment as well. Special thanks to Tristan, friend Rachel, Seth, Kellan, Barrett and Oscar did a “hang up” job making the balloons with LED lights inside! Go Genie!

Catharine Lyons and Melanie Kletter entertained all of us with witty and thoughtfully informative item descriptions in the silent auction catalog – thank you for the hours of donated talent and time.

Boryana Yakova organized the desserts, thank you for keeping the tradition alive!

Huge thanks for the spectacular prizes that made the raffles desirable and encouraged playing!

A gigantic coupe of thanks goes out to Bryan and Jay for the amazing bar featuring signature cocktails! All of your creations were consumed and enjoyed. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Thanks to Engelbert Ramos, Master of Ceremonies. You set the tone.

As a gala vet, George Zambrelli comes through again. Thank you George for stepping-up at the last minute when we needed a focused parent to be at the check-in and check-out to help organize volunteers.

A ver special thank you to all EVCS Parents and Staff!

We are all fortunate to be part of this tight community.

NOT Last or least by far – please give it up for Hagit Event team gold star winner! Events couldn’t do Gala without you. Thank you Hagit.

We can’t wait until next year!

Thank you for coming out and showing your spirit once again and supporting our school.

Please share photos on Facebook or with us and we will post them.
Jayne Wexler, Alumna, Dear Friend & Previous Events C0-Chair shared photos! Enjoy.
We are over-joyed with the energy, excitement and overall vibe we felt this year at the gala. It just keeps getting better!

Stay tuned for the final tally.

Our best wishes as always,
EVCS Events Committee

Silent Auction Vs. Online Auction

Let me make it simple for you – There are 2 different auctions.

Silent Auction: Only available during the Gala event tomorrow. You can preview items in our catalogue. You cannot bid online for these items.

Online Auction: Selection of items available ONLY online (not going to be available during the Gala event). The bidding is online.

I hope it clears some confusions and if not, feel free to ask.

Gala Team

EVCS Silent Auction GALA PREVIEW 2016!

Get ready for action…

Be the first to get a sneak peak at the amazing items you can bid on Saturday at the Gala!

Over 100 items will be auctioned at all price points!
Auction items range from travel packages and sporting collectibles to fine wine, one of a kind items and experiences.


For the first time ever the Gala Committee is presenting select items online! Begin Previewing now and prepare to bid!

Take home featured Raffle Prizes when you PLAY to WIN!


Please share this with family and friends. Proceeds from the event support the East Village Community School programming, curriculum support, committee initiatives and community outreach efforts.

This will pre-register you and your guests for the Silent Auction, saving time at the door AND, as a bonus, each pre-registered guest will receive $200 in EVCS *Fun Money to use on the Gaming Tables.

*EVCS Fun Money will also be for sale at the event ($10 US = $100 EVCS Fun)

Doors Open at 6:30pm

331 E 12th St, between 1st & 2nd Aves

EVCS Gala Committee

There is still time!

Make this a success!


Volunteer and RSVP!

We need volunteers for tasks,
to help with the gala.

Secure your complimentary ‘Fun’ Money!

As advertisement, help offset event expenses and be a sponsor.

Bring a special treat.

Support elementary education by donating a service or item.

If you can’t make it to the event, make a donation.

Photographer in the house?

We need to document this event! Please bring a camera?

Bring a friend this year! …