Elections will be held at the May 23rd PA meeting

Hello Dear EVCS Parents,

As the end of June and the end of the school year are rapidly approaching (faster, maybe, for some of us parents of 5th graders) we still have a few important things left to do as The PA.

One biggie is to elect the Executive Board for next year. Our elections will be held at the May 23rd PA meeting (8:40AM) which is also our last regular PA meeting. So far the nominations we’ve received for all three positions are in the range of zero to no nominations.

Soooo, I thought it a good idea to send out a little more information for those of you who are considering stepping up and those who might not yet have considered it. The PA is made up of every parent and legal guardian of an EVCS student. Everyone is automatically a voting member and there are no mandatory dues (only voluntary suggested donations). Our PA is a critical fundraising and active community-building organization that helps make EVCS the special place it is. We support all the students and educators at EVCS through many different ways.

To help us stay organized and productive, we need our Executive Board. The board is comprised of the three mandatory elected officers; President, Treasurer and Secretary and the Chairs of the standing Committees. If we don’t elect a president, treasurer and secretary, we are not a functioning body. Each Executive board position (elected or committee chair) can be shared by two people, which is whole heartedly encouraged! Being part of the Executive is rewarding and fun. No previous experience is necessary, you just need a minimum amount of time, a strong commitment to seeing the job through and a somewhat flexible schedule. Also- not mandatory, but it helps- you should generally like EVCS, want to help participate in our events and preferably like working with other people. For the elected officers, the term is 1 year and there is a 2 term limit.

Please contact the nominating committee and/ or the current officers with any questions! (See below for job descriptions) Nominate yourself or someone here: https://goo.gl/forms/knEIya7FlU1RIsHI3

You can do this!


your current PA President

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