School Traditions

EVCS celebrates a range of community holidays, and embraces holidays and family traditions as a means of helping our students discover and learn about the cultures of others. Our celebrations also bring us closer together as a group and help build authentic community. EVCS respects each family’s wish to observe holidays in their own way, but in general, holidays do not take the form of parties or events in the classroom. If adults in a child’s family would like to share a holiday from their culture with the full classroom, we would be very happy to make that possible. Please discuss this in advance with the child’s teacher.

Some of our events include:

School-Wide Morning Meeting (usually last Monday of the month): What better way to start your week than to gather in the auditorium and sing together? The School-Wide Morning Meeting ties in our Responsive Classroom approach.

Harvest Festival (before Thanksgiving): A food drive and celebration of harvest and generosity. Children and parents bring in cans and other non-perishable foods and on the culminating day, we parade to the parish house at Trinity’s Lower East Side Lutheran Church to deliver the can to the food pantry there.

Festival of Lights (around Winter Solstice in December): each class performs on stage in the auditorium to celebrate the magic of winter, season’s holidays, and the return of longer days.

Multi-Cultural Share (March): a showcase of EVC cultures, talent and food. Children and adults may sign up in advance to perform, and everyone brings a dish from their family recipe box to share at a communal dinner.

EVCS School Picnic (June): an end-of-year party in Tompkins Square Park, complete with food, activities, playing in the sprinkler and a performance by the EVCS Clowning Club.

Graduation (June): At the end of June, we honor the students who will be matriculating to middle school from the school’s highest grade with diplomas and a public celebration in the auditorium. We also recognize every single class for their accomplishments, and each class or mixed-grade level offers a performance.