About the Parent Association

Parent involvement is essential to providing a quality education for our children. Here’s what parents at EVCS have done in the last few years:

  • put together our new after-school club program;
  • brought The Solar One Green Design Lab Program to our school this year;
  • funded Adopt-a-Classroom to support field trips and classroom-based projects;
  • instituted and paid for the use of biodegradable lunch trays;
  • established a salad bar and Meatless Mondays to improve school lunch;
  • organized the Parent Band to accompany our children at community events;
  • paid for our theatre and music in-school programming.

Anyone with a child at EVCS is automatically a member of the PA. This is your school, and we hope you will become as engaged as you possibly can. You are the PA! We are nothing without your support and involvement.

How to Get Involved

Monthly PA Meetings

Parents meet the third Wednesday/Thursdays of every month with meetings alternating between mornings and evenings to accommodate our working families. We strongly encourage you to join us and weigh in on important school developments, upcoming events, and other school policy issues. PA Meetings are an excellent forum for parents to learn about how the school works, stay up-to-date, and share concerns and ideas with other parents.

Join a Committee

The PA has several committees that you can join depending on your interests and talents. Don’t be shy. Email questions and ideas, or sign up to volunteer with one of our committee chairs below.

Events: If you like to throw parties, events is for you. Contact events@evcsnyc.org.

Fundraising: If you have a knack or ideas for raising money (the school can always use more), contact fundraising@evcsnyc.org.

Wellness/Green: Want to make EVCS a model of green, healthy living, contact green@evcsnyc.org.

Diversity: Participate in creating an inclusive and welcoming school environment that supports our students and fosters the development of healthy identities, contact diversity@evcsnyc.org.

Arts and Music: Interested in playing in the Parent Band or getting involved in our arts and music programming, contact arts@evcsnyc.org.

Communications: Are you a graphic designer or someone with a way for words, contact parents@evcsnyc.org.

Political Action: Infuriated by increasing budget cuts and testing? Don’t just get angry, get active and learn more about the CECD1. For more information contact the Social Action Committee at socialaction@evcsnyc.org.

Buildings: ave you been thinking about the cafeteria or the bathrooms needing a makeover?? Contact buildings@evcsnyc.org.

You can keep up to date on PA events and news on Facebook and Twitter.

Parent Association Fundraising

New York City Public Schools are hurting for cash. Basic classroom supplies are limited, there is no money available for programs outside the core curriculum, or for class trips, or for building upkeep. Through grants, fund-raisers, and family contributions, the PA is a central part of providing a well-rounded education for our children.

This year, the PA is funding substantial portions of the InFlight Theater Arts program, and the music programs from S’cool Sounds and the Third Street Music Settlement.

Without funds raised by the PA, these programs would not be available for our children.

Our fundraising events during the year are fun and open to all and a great opportunity to get to know other EVCS families. Our Fall Ball is a scary costume extravaganza, a huge favorite with the kids; the Winter Jubilee is an informal evening of drinks and snacks for parents and staff; and the Spring Gala — our biggest fundraising event of the year —a silent auction, with an evening of food, drinks, music, and raffles.

In addition, we will continue to sell Songs from the East Village, the CD released in 2010 with music from all over the world performed by the children, parents, and staff of EVCS. Produced by Grammy Award-winning parent Susan McKeown and featured on NPR and Sirius radio, this CD has raised over $20,000 to date — our most successful fundraiser ever.

Finally, we rely on the generosity of all EVCS parents in the form of annual or monthly family contributions.