EVCS Weekly Nov 4 – Nov 8

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Fall ball was epic! We had great attendance, the Haunted House was spook-tacular, and the food, games, and crafts were a blast. A huge thanks to our Event Team, the EVCS Parent Association volunteers, & everyone who came out to lend a hand at the event. The PA has some amazing links to share – keep an eye out for their email coming soon.

The EVCS Harvest Festival is officially kicking off today!

This month-long event is an opportunity to teach our children about food equity. It gives our students the chance to take action and learn that sometimes in life we are in a position to share, and when we are, it is important to do so. We will sort food by protein, fruit&veggie, soup, and grains. Each classroom will have labeled bins ready to accept these items! Start bringing donations to your classrooms this Monday! NO GLASS PLEASE. It is easier to bring a little something each day to allow the kids to help bring items to the school. Students are counting! The event will culminate on Wednesday, November 27 including a musical presentation in the auditorium and a school-wide walk over to the Trinity Chuch on 9th Street led by our very own EVCS drumline! Be sure to put this on your calendar!

Parent-Teacher Conferences are Coming Up

Please be sure to sign up for a meeting when your teacher(s) reach out.
How can I prepare for my child’s meeting?

Let’s see what’s else is happening…


This Weekend

Saturday, November 2
Middle School Crawl for 4th and 5th Grade Families
8:15 a.m. PS 20 166 Essex Street, in the Cafeteria
Guests are organized in groups and provided a route map at the startup.
Join the crawl for a look into D1 middle schools
I strongly recommend attending this crawl if you are available. Each school prepares an informative presentation. There will be 8 schools participating.
Tours begin at 9:30 and finish up by 2:00. Those who visit 5 out of 8 schools with a signed form will win movie tickets! We hope you can make it!
English FlyerSpanish FlyerChinese Flyer

Saturday, November 2
EVCS Chess Play Date, Pre-K to G5
Tompkins Square Library
1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
For details, see: https://forms.gle/6p5gbXwfSA6gBsL89

Sunday, November 3
Day of the Dead at Campos Community Garden FLYER
Native American Dance Performance Sunday
Family Celebration located on 13th between B-C

Daylight Saving, Sunday, November 3
We’ll “fall back” and return to Standard time – so set your clocks back one hour before bed on Saturday night. … And you’ll “gain” an hour of sleep. Speaking about Sleep, we all could use a little more. Something to think about.

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EVCS Weekly May 27 – 31

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

For those who may have missed the 2019 FLeaVCS
including the big fish reveal or you simply want to see it again, check it out here. A huge shout out to PA President Catharine Lyons for spearheading this work of art-puppet and to all of the volunteer artists who participated to make it a reality! We hope to see the family of fish grow next year!

Students are enjoying the end of year projects, class trips, and school events. Be sure to check in with teachers for final shares dates!

If anyone is interested in becoming a class parent next year, please join us Friday, June 14th for a meeting and celebration around the class parent role following drop off in the yard! I hope to see you there!

Next week is a four day week, and we have an eager and determined team of parents hoping to pull together a Spring issue of the EVCS School Newspaper! Remind your child that this is not school work, this is a student-driven initiative. Without student news, there is no paper! If your child has an article to submit please send it along to us here with the Subject: EVCS Spring News and I will share it with the Team! Any event recap, reporting on class work, shares or trips are welcome and encouraged. We accept short stories, poetry, visual art, and photographic images too!

Let’s get more details about next week and beyond…

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EVCS Weekly April 15 – 18


Dear Parents and Guardians,

The EVCS Gala-xy was spectacular. Thank you Gala Team! Another amazing effort and a record turnout! Congratulations to every winner, every parent, child, and donor! You know who you are! Thank you, teachers and staff, for being part of the NEW raffle this year and creating the life experiences and memories for our kids! We want to thank Performance Space New York for supporting EVCS and sharing an amazing room for our event. The Parent Association will be reaching out soon with more detail, stay tuned!

Gala Winners: Please be sure to reach out to the Gala Team at events@evcsnyc.org with any questions and to collect your prizes!

What could possibly top the Gala? You guessed it, the Multicultural Share!
This is one of our favorite events because it involves adults AND kids!

The Multicultural Share Event will be on Friday, May 3 this year!
The deadline to sign up for the performance part of the share is today at 5:00 p.m.! please be sure to get an online form in now if your child or family hopes to be considered for a performance spot. See details below!

We hope the cooks in our crowd will consider making something for the Multicultural Share Potluck portion of this event! Bring your favorite family dish! More information went home in backpacks this week. We will have free disposable aluminum pans available in the yard the week of the share or you can pick one up in the office anytime! Details and sign-up links are below.

And in case you missed the Town Hall Safety Meeting this week, Our Building Response Team (BRT) presented the following information: Building-Wide Safety Roles and Procedures. Any questions may be emailed directly to Liz Wanttaja at EWanttaja@schools.nyc.gov.

Take a look at dates and mark our calendars…

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EVCS Weekly March 25 – 29

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We had a great week at EVCS and everyone enjoyed the sunshine!
The temperatures are slowly rising and so are the bins in the lost and found!
Please be sure to pass by the main lobby to look through the bins and rack for any items that may belong to you!

There is still time to add to your Reading Olympics form or start a new one! Please bring everything to your teachers on Monday! Every participant will receive a certificate! If you need additional sponsor sheets, click here!
See the Principal’s Challenge for more inspiration! Happy Reading!

Let’s take a look at what is coming up next week…

By now you have received a green envelope from your Teacher(s)
It is our hope that every family will take the time to fill out this survey.

We want to reach 100% participation – Right now we are at only 23%!.
There are still surveys to fill out! Thank you for taking this seriously.


Next Week

Monday, March 25
Book Sale 8:00 in the yard. We have plenty of books for this one!

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EVCS Weekly March 18 – 22


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy early spring! We know it will be in full swing soon! Please continue to layer up to be prepared for outdoor play. This Monday will be another book sale supporting the Reading Olympics! Please feel free to bring books to the yard and drop them at the table when you arrive.

Let’s take a look at what is coming up next week…


Next Week

Monday, March 18
School Wide Morning Meeting, Bake & Book Sale
Bake Sale hosted by 4th Grade 8:00 a.m. In the Yard
Book Sale hosted by the EVCS Reading Olympics Team
SWMM hosted by PreK 8:50 a.m. In the Auditorium

Thursday, March 21
Parent Workshop – Healthy Friendships
6:00 – 7:00 p.m. in Room 406
All parents are welcome to this one hour workshop to discuss how we can best support our kids as they navigate friendships.
– Does your child seem to have on-again-off-again friendships?
– Struggle to feel included when playing with classmates?
– Not know how to fix tricky friendships?
Free childcare provided


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EVCS Half Day: Thursday March 14

Reminder: Early Dismissal Thursday, March 14

Dear Parent and Guardians,

Please be sure to make arrangements to pick up your child(ren) at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday this week for the half day due to parent-teacher conferences.

Be sure to contact any after-school providers as well if you haven’t done so already! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Warm regards,

Please Take the School Survey This Year • Our hope is 100% Participation!

Green Envelope

Help us reach 100% participation!



You are invited to fill out the paper form outside your child’s classroom or stop by the office where you can submit your survey online using the code on your personal letter. Surveys can also be completed at home.

Completed Paper Surveys can be dropped in the green box
located in the main office Room 205 or mailed in any USPS box.

It is our hope that every family will take the time to fill out this survey to help inform decisions made at EVCS! We value your feedback!

What is the NYC School Survey?
Each year, all parents and teachers at EVCS take the NYC School Survey. It is designed to collect important information about our ability to support student success. We need your help by completing the survey! At conferences you will be given a green envelope that contains a code. You may fill out the paper form or go online. We will have computers available in the main office room 205 during conference week. Please make an effort to complete the survey online or by dropping it in the box labeled “Parent Survey”.

How is the Survey information used?
We use feedback from the survey to reflect and make improvements to schools and programs. The results are also used to help measure school quality by the DOE.

Thank you for taking the survey seriously.


All best wishes,

EVCS Weekly March 11 – 15

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It was great to see so many of you out on Sunday supporting the D1 Family Bands! The Earth School took home the trophy this year – but you can be sure that EVCS will be back in it to win it in 2020!

The Reading Olympics is in full swing this month – another friendly reminder to keep on reading, logging and getting sponsors! A great way to get sponsors is to email friends, or ask neighbors and relatives. Here is a link you can share: Online Sponsor Support Link If you need another paper form to log on to, please visit the EVCS bulletin board in the lobby for another copy and to see other helpful information.

And if you have a child born in 2015, don’t forget to apply for PreK by March 15th! Follow these important directions to indicate you’re already an EVCS family too to receive priority!

Let’s see what is coming up next week and beyond…


Next Week

Monday, March 11 – 15
Parent Teacher Conference Week
Please be sure to sign up for a conference with your teacher(s)

Thursday, March 14
Half Day Early Dismissal at 11:30 a.m.
Please be sure to make arrangements to pick up on time!

Friday, March 15
Reminder: Deadline for PreK Applications

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EVCS Weekly March 4 – 8

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are back at it and March is here! Get ready for an action packed transition into spring!

The Reading Olympics has begun! And there will be a book sale in the yard each Monday this month. Please feel free to purchase, contribute, swap or donate books. Proceeds will be part of the Reading Olympics fundraiser that helps contribute to the Parent Association efforts! This is a win-win for all!

Remember this Sunday is the District 1 Battle of the Family Bands event! We hope some of you can come out to support EVCS Family Band in their battle to bring home the trophy! Get tickets online or at the door!

March Menus

Let’s see what is coming up next week…

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