Executive Board

Parent involvement is essential to providing a quality education for children. At EVCS, the parent body is strong, dynamic, and growing. Everyone is encouraged to participate in some way — and there is a lot to do! Please sign in to one, or more, of our committees.

The Executive Board is comprised of elected officers of the Parent Association and chairpersons of standing committees (as defined in the PA by-laws). Officers are elected each spring to serve for a single year beginning July 1. Committee chairpersons are appointed by the PA President.

The Executive Board meets each month, one week before that month’s general meeting, with the school Principal and Parent Coordinator.

The elected officers for the 2020-2021 school year are:

President Petra Bartosiewicz PAPresident@evcsnyc.org
Co-Vice-President Catharine Lyons PAPresident@evcsnyc.org
Secretary Marcus Artigliere secretary@evcsnyc.org
Co-Treasurer Choresh Wald treasurer@evcsnyc.org
Co-Treasurer Nikko Buencamino treasurer@evcsnyc.org

The committee chairpersons for 2020-2021are:

Diversity TBD diversity@evcsnyc.org
Class Parent Chair Nina Ablan classparents@evcsnyc.org
Green & Wellness Sierra Valentina & Choresh Wald green@evcsnyc.org
Events TBD events@evcsnyc.org
Fundraising and Grants Heather Hubbs fundraising@evcsnyc.org
After School Liza Mendel greenapplekidsny@gmail.com
Community Action TBD communityaction@evcsnyc.org
Communications Lucie Kim parents@evcsnyc.org