EVCS Weekly April 13 -17

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is Friday, April 9 – Day 15 of remote learning!

This Week

Monday, April 13-Friday, April 17
Modified Remote Learning Week – Please be sure to visit your child’s Google Classrooms each day – it’s a week of “field trips”!

Monday, April 20 – Friday, April 25
Remote Learning Continues – remember, our start time is 9:30am

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Georga, Kofi & the Butterfly Buddies
It brings me great joy to share this very special treat today created & presented by our own talented parent team Reiko and Camila, Io and Nico’s moms. They said “it always warms one’s heart to see Georga and Kofi in action.” Enjoy this wonderful short film here!

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EVCS Weekly March 30 – April 3

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is Friday, March 27.
I heard someone say “by now we might all realize this remote learning is becoming a marathon.” EVCS completed the first lap and from our end you are all looking great. Keep it up, you got this. This has been a doozy for many to say the least. Way to go parents, students, heroic teachers, & admin for pulling it together – it is remarkable and everyone deserves a big reward.

Before we all collapse into the weekend…

There are a few updates and new resources to note below…

New York State Tests for ELA and MATH
Exams are Suspended for grades 3-8 due to COVID-19

School Food
FREE meals for all kids under 18!
View the list here to find the nearest pick up location. Hrs: 7:30 a.m. – 1:30.p.m.
Kids may pick up from any participating school location on the list. Check for the closest open school near you. All kids can pick up 3 bags each day. If you need help finding additional food resources in the community, please reach out to James.

Tips that might help in setting your child up for success:
Try to create a dedicated workspace for each of you sharing the home. Everyone needs a space they can call their own work area. Keep it organized and comfy, everyone will work better if they feel comfortable and tools are in order. Provide privacy if possible. It may never be “ideal” at home so do the best you can. Support and motivate, think about setting up a gallery area to feature any work they produce. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and we will do our best to support you.

The kids’ “start time” is 9:30 a.m.

Go easy on yourselves and do what you can. Adjusting to this new norm is different for every family – remember how hard it could be to get out of the house, it might be even tougher some days staying in the house and redirecting the focus. Try to create a regular schedule – kids thrive more often than not with a routine in place. If you need support coming up with a schedule, reach out. Posting the schedule where everyone can see it will go a long way. You can refer to it when you need to get back on track.

NYC School Survey
Our response rate is very low at 19% for EVCS.
We know there is a lot going on but it only takes a few minutes.
Only one survey per family is needed. PLEASE do let your voices be heard and fill out the survey today! Thank you in advance!
Take the Parent Survey (available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, and Spanish – click here to select your language. )

Remote attendance may look and feel a bit different than when we all met at school. With remote learning we encourage all students to participate and engage with the materials, lessons and information presented in google classroom and by the teacher(s). We also understand the juggle that is happening at home and that it looks different for everyone. Our hope and expectation is that you do your best and let us know where the struggles are. We are here to support you 100%.

The Virtual Yard
Thinking about a class hang out? Ask your teacher to help set something up. The upper grade levels encourage regular hang out time using Google Hangouts. Practicing with protocols like “keeping your microphone on mute” and allowing each one to speak and hear one another. Kids miss each other, and this is one way perhaps everyone can share and connect.


If you are a first responder, health care provider, or transit worker
whose child is a NYC resident and you have no other child care option, complete this FORM to begin the enrollment process for the city childcare & enrichment centers

Devices and Wifi Connections.
If you or some you know is still in need of a device to connect your child to Google Classroom, fill out this form for a device, on loan, from the Department of Education: https://coronavirus.schools.nyc/RemoteLearningDevices
Your student ID is required, reach out to teachers or me if you need it.
EVCS is located under The East Village Community School.
If your device is not working please reach out to Liz first to decide if we need to request another device – liz@evcs.me.

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Remote Learning at EVCS

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Dear EVCS Families,

This week we embarked upon a totally new endeavor. EVCS has been teaching kids for decades, always with one constant: that kids and teachers were together, sharing and learning as a community. This week our teachers have been learning a lot about how to continue the important job of teaching our children without that time in a room together each day. This week, Bradley and I met with all of our teachers through group video chats – it was so nice to see one another again and talk through what we’re doing and planning for your kids. So much of this is still uncertain, but I wanted to share where we are now to help us all look toward next week.

All of our teachers reached out via phone and email over the past few days to find out how you’re doing and to ask about your child’s access to a laptop or tablet. Many of our families had a device for their child, and many of you were able to come by EVCS on Thursday to pick up a device for them to use. If you still don’t have a way to connect, please reach out to me and we will continue to work towards solving that problem.

On Monday, school begins again for all of our children. Our teachers have all set up Google Classrooms, and are preparing for daily assignments, work, and ways to connect. Your child should have a Google account (@evcs.me) and a unique password. If you need that information, please reach out to your child’s teacher. We expect that kids attend school every day, Monday-Friday. We know that there are lots of challenges in place, but just as we valued school on East 12th Street, we value it online as well. Once in the Classroom, your child will find out their daily schedule. We are asking that all of our kids go into Google Classroom at 9:30am each morning to begin the day. Our teachers will be posting that day’s schedule and lessons each morning, with everything ready by 9:30. The schedule for the day is suggested; we completely understand that we have to work within the confines of this new reality. So while it’s what we, as a school, suggest, we know that might not work for all of our families either and we want to be supportive and accommodating during this difficult time as well. Whether your child does their math assignment at 10am or 1pm doesn’t matter as much as them working hard on new content each day. For all of this, do what works best for your family and child in regards to schedules, workload, and structure for everyone. As a school, we’ll continue to provide a structured learning day for our students. But again, we understand that this structure may not align to how things are going at home, and that’s ok.

Our teachers are incredibly dedicated and smart individuals and we are learning a lot as we go. Because of this, how school looks on Monday may be different than it does by Friday, as we learn and adapt to best meet the needs of our kids and your families.

As the chancellor has said, we are building the airplane as we fly this week.

I’m proud of the work our teachers have done so far, and I know that in the next days, weeks, even months, we’ll soon be cruising along. There will be turbulence as we do so, but we are working diligently to make sure our kids are learning each and every day to meet standards, prepare for the next grade, and stay engaged in our learning community.

Please continue reaching out to your teachers, James, Bradley and myself. Even when not together, we’re a strong, EVCS community.

All the best,

Liz Wanttaja

Assistant Principal
East Village Community School

EVCS Weekly, Monday, March 16

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Surviving the time change was an easy hurdle compared to conquering our preoccupation with news & this coronavirus. We are aware this is heavy on many minds and affecting your daily routines and decisions. We hope that everyone is doing what they can and need to, to stay healthy, feel safe and stay calm. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a great resource here.

We will continue to share information as we get it. You can also get the most current information and recent letters that have come from the DOE about Coronavirus here. Please continue to lookout for regular updates from the Chancellor’s office that we receive.

As of Now, School will be Open Monday.
The bus will be running as usual.
Families who choose to keep their children at home, we ask that you send an email to attendance@evcs.me with your child’s name, teacher and reason for staying home. If your child stays home for any Coronavirus-related reasons, please tell us this in the mesasge and the absence will be excused.

In light of all that is happening the Multicultural Share will be postponed.
We are will let you know what the rescheduled date is once things settle down.

A huge thanks to our recycling volunteers who came in this week: Camila
Nina, Paola, Jesse , Nyurca, Shannon, Olympia, Angelica, Cristina, and Sakinah for taking time out of their day to join us at lunch. Home lunch packers are very close to being ZERO waste and with a few small steps every packer could be 100% waste-free!See images below for more inspiration on how to eliminate baggies, or remind kids to bring them home to reuse them.

Let’s take a look at next week and keep in mind that information on the school calendar may be updated as we move through this pandemic.


Next Week

Monday, March 16
Deadline to apply to Pre-K for all children born in 2016!
Apply Online Questions? Email ESEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov

Please bring book donations to the yard for the book exchange/sale table.


NY School Survey

We are going for 100% Parent/Guardian Participation! Due 3/31.

For information about the survey click here.


FREE PICNIC Tee-SHIRT – We need to know your child’s size!
In preparation for the school-wide picnic on June 19th,
please tell us your child’s tee shirt size HERE!


EVCS 2020 Reading Olympics

Keep reading!! The forms are due back Monday, March 30!
Bring Books Monday, March 16 to the “Book Exchange” table in the yard.
Donations and swapping will continue through the month of March on Mondays. For more information about books or the Reading Olympics, please kindly reach out to Ariel at arieldeva@gmail.com.



Please be sure to reach out with details to your teacher(s) and the EVCS attendance team NEW! attendance@evcs.me to let them know when & why your child will not be at school. (No need to email Freddy, Sharon, or others individually anymore!) We value your children and believe their time at school is important! We also need to know where all of our students are every day. Thank you in advance for your continued support.


Check Your Child’s NYC DOE School Account Today!

Your child’s Student ID (also known as an OSIS Number) can be found on the letter from Bradley you received as part of your child’s MidYear Report.


March Menus

Breakfast / Lunch

SchoolFood Menu Apps: OS or Android

DRINK MORE WATER EVERY DAY. Please be sure to remind your kids, as a daily habit, to fill up their bottles at lunch using the refill bottle station in the cafeteria. (Write your child’s name and EVCS on the water bottles too!)

HOME LUNCHERS • Try going for ZERO waste, you are nearly there!

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 2.22.45 PM

Family Resources & Events

Congratulations to the EVCS Family Band for bringing home the D1 Battle of the Family Bands trophy! Way to rock the house and win the battle! It was less than a week ago, but seems like forever. Simpler times…
D1 Battle of the Family Bands – Live Recording!

Interesting for kids (and also adults stuck at home)


Social Action

IMG-1345 food scraps

Public Food Scrap Drop-off Site Near School
Located on the southeast corner of 12th Street and Avenue B.
Find More Drop off locations here.
NYC Compost Project Brochure

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.31.54 PM Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 12.09.13 PM Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 12.09.19 PM

Social Action

Remember to follow us and share your news!


EVCS Core Values

Social Action • Kindness • Joy of Learning • Self Awareness • Inclusion


Continue to practice good hygiene, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, I know it is not easy.

Stay informed with facts, and try to make it a restful weekend.
Be safe and stay sane.

As always,

James Bromberg, Parent Coordinator
JamesPC@evcs.me / 212 982 0682 Ext 2053
Website/School Calendar: evcsnyc.org

EVCS Weekly March 9 – 13

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.37.00 PM

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Monday was a magical day for all of us with special guest Tom Chapin at School Wide Morning Meeting! It doesn’t get much better than that!
If you missed it or have been wishing for a replay, check out the videos here!
A huge thanks to Bonnie, Ivan’s mom for providing the link and again to Sierra, Ceci’s mom for helping make the connection happen.

We are bookin’ it with the March Reading Olympics! Please check your child’s backpack for sponsor sheets & information also linked here. See details below.

This Sunday is (not only Battle of the Family Bands) also Daylight Saving Time 2020! In New York it will begin at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 8.
Remember to set your clocks one hour ahead Saturday night!


Don’t miss this one of a kind event!
Sunday, March 8
3rd Annual District 1 Battle of the BandsBowery Ballroom

Tickets Online here or at the door!
Prepare for an incredible show! Hope to see you there!

NY School Survey

We are going for 100% Parent/Guardian Participation! Due 3/31.

For information about the survey click here.

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EVCS Weekly March 2 – 6

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.37.00 PM

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It was great to see some of you out at the PA meeting and the book discussion. If you missed it, not to worry the conversation will continue and the PA meets monthly! We have an exciting month ahead. 
Please check your child’s backpack for their report cards!

Rainy Day Reminder 
Parents, please remember to use the yard and the door at the ramp as our point of entry to the building on rainy days & during any inclement weather. Please avoid the school lobby during arrival, regardless of the weather.

We’re kicking off our annual Reading Olympics Monday! 
Please look in your child’s backpack next week for sponsor sheets & information also linked here. Remember, all students who read books and hand in a reading log, whether or not donations are collected, will get a prize for their wonderful efforts! Each Monday in March a “Book Exchange” will be hosted in the yard. Please feel free to bring book donations for swapping or contributing to the table! For more information about Books or Reading Olympics please kindly reach out to Ariel at arieldeva@gmail.com. 

The PICNIC is in June 
In preparation for the school-wide picnic on June 19th, 
please tell us your child’s tee shirt size HERE! 

Let’s see what we have to look forward to …

Next Week

Monday, March 2 
SWMM – recycling, composting and sustainability 
with special guest, Tom Chapin! 
8:50-9:30 a.m. in the auditorium

Bake Sale hosted by 4th Grade 
Book Exchange Table to kick off Reading Olympics 2020! 
8:00-8:45 a.m. in the school yard

Battle of the Family Band Tickets will be on sale $20 
8:00-8:45 a.m. in the school yard

Monday, March 2 – 6 
Parent-Teacher Conference Week 
Make the Most of Your Parent-Teacher Conference 
If you have not done so already, please be sure to schedule an appointment with your teachers for your conference.

Thursday, March 5 
Half-Day for all Students • Early dismissal is at 11:30 a.m. 
Please be sure to make arrangements to meet your child and reach out to your regularly scheduled after school programs.

Free Literacy Workshop on Comprehension 
Universal Literacy Coaches will present ideas & answer questions 
8:30 – 9:30 a.m. • 1166 Essex Street, PS 20 Room 340 • Info Flyer here 
Please Join us • RSVP

Applications for The Multicultural Share are due Thursday, March 5! 
Please fill out the talent survey form if you have not done so already. 
Please RSVP for the potluck dinner here! Hope to see you there.

Sunday, March 8 
District 1 Battle of the Bands • Bowery Ballroom 
Tickets are on sale in the schoolyard, EVCS office & online. 
Prepare for an incredible show! Hope to see you there!


Please be sure to reach out with details to your teacher(s) and the EVCS attendance team NEW! (attendance@evcs.me) to let them know when & why your child will not be at school. We value your children and believe their time at school is important! We also need to know where all of our students are every day. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Save the Dates

Monday, March 16 
Deadline to apply to Pre-K for all children born in 2016! 
Apply Online Questions? Email ESEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov

Friday, March 20 
Multicultural Potluck Sign Up HERE to bring your favorite dish & volunteer!

Wednesday & Thursday, March 25 – 26 
New York State ELA Testing

Friday, March 27 
Movie Night – Support the 5th Grade Camping Trip. 
Kids stay in while you go out! 
INFO/RSVP for tickets! Seating is limited, reserve today & join the fun!

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EVCS Weekly Feb 24-28th

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 6.07.44 PM

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy 100th Day of school!
Thanks to Yvonne Ruiz, Raffa & Matias’s mom, for the beautiful artwork above!

Before we take a break let us all be reminded of how important getting to school is! Please be sure to reach out with details to your teacher(s) and the EVCS attendance team NEW! (attendanceEVCS@googlegroups.com) to let them know when & why your child will not be at school. We value your children and believe their time at school is important! We also need to know where all of our students are every day.
Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Next Week

February 17 – 21, 2020
President’s Day/Midwinter Recess – Schools Closed

What is coming up after mid-winter break?

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