EVCS Weekly Nov 11 – 15

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The EVCS Harvest Festival has officially kicked off with the Food Drive!

Classes have set up food collection bins so you can start to mobilize your efforts and bring items directly to the classrooms, the students will be counting.

This month-long event is an opportunity to teach our children about food equity. The event will culminate on Wednesday, November 27 including a musical gathering in the auditorium and a school-wide walk over to the Trinity Church on 9th Street led by our very own EVCS drum line!
Be sure to put this on your calendar!

Let’s see what’s else is happening…

This Weekend

Saturday, November 9
EVCS Chess Play Date, Pre-K to 5th Grade
Tompkins Square Library
1:30 to 3:30 p.m
For details see: https://forms.gle/t7TdCiqoGhBr7SKK6

Sunday, November 10
Clothing Swap in Union Square
Stop ‘N’ Swap
Hosted by local nonprofit,

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Did you know…


Dear Families,

Did you know that the EVCS Parent Association pays for school-wide lice checks? (Also, did you just get an urge to scratch your head?) Look, we get that no one wants to think about lice but it’s a reality and the best way to keep it under control is to have regular school-wide checks. So this Thursday, the best nit pickers in town will be on site checking each child in the school thanks to the generous donations from our community.


If you haven’t donated yet – now is the time. We have passed the fundraising half-way mark but we still need to raise an additional $20,000 from direct family contributions before Jan 1 2020 to hit our targets and cover our expenses. Every donation counts whether it is the suggested $500 per family or an amount that works for you. And all donations are tax deductible and completely anonymous.

We are all in this together and when it comes to lice and fundraising we mean this literally!

With gratitude,
Fundraising Committee

School Wide Morning Meeting Message 11/04/2019

Dear EVCS Students,

Our core value is social action.

Social action involves identifying things that are wrong in our world and then taking steps to make them better.  There are so many ways individuals, including children, can work to make the world a better place, but one of the best ways is by making a small impact right here in our own community.  And one of the most important issues in our community is food security. Food security is when people have access to enough nutritious food to take care of themselves and their families.  Every person deserves to have enough food to eat, but sadly not everyone does.

We have a tradition at EVCS that every year our school collects cans and boxes of food for our annual Harvest Festival.  The food we collect is then donated to a local soup kitchen that helps to feed people in our neighborhood who don’t have enough to eat.  We want to help address food insecurity in our community. Will you help us collect food for our Harvest Festival?

This year the Harvest Festival will be on Wednesday November 27th.  You can start bringing in food to donate this week. And once again our Harvest Festival procession to Trinity Church soup kitchen and pantry will be led by the EVCS marching band drumline and the EVCS Fish King!        

Thanks so much to our friends in the 1st grade for hosting today, thanks to all of the parents who came this morning, huge thanks to the SWMM house band, and thank you to everyone who sang loud and proud. Have a great day and great week everyone.  


EVCS Weekly Oct 28 – Nov 1


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather! Label your coats (a sharpie works well) and get ready for the temperatures to shift at any time! We go outside as much as possible, even when it gets cold!

Tomorrow is the FALL BALL, Biggest Family Event of the Year



Wednesday, October 30
SLT Meeting 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
In the Library Conference Room

Friday, November 1
SIBLING Photo Day. Please RSVP HERE!
If your child missed photos the first time around, please be sure to RSVP!


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Biggest Family Event of the Year – 2 Days Away!!

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No scream without a team!

Saturday, October 26, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Dear Families,

Only 2 days left before the Fall Ball!

There are many ways to help make this event a success:


• entrance • food • canteen • games • crafts • popcorn •
haunted house set up or adult acting!


 desserts  beverages  Halloween candy 

Have a ton of fun and get to know your community!

Choose a table and a shift.

We need help with clean up!!

Who can help out Friday Night with setting up the Haunted House?
You do not want to miss the most fun Friday, building a scary house together! Adults Join us if you can! Please reply to this email and tell us you’re in on for Friday Night Set Up 6-9p!

Please contact Events with any questions at events@evcsnyc.org.

Get your costumes and pumpkins ready!

See you there!
EVCS Events

Saturday, October 26
Doors open at 12 noon for PreK-1st
All Ages 1-4 pm

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EVCS General PA meeting this Wednesday Evening

Dear EVCS Families,

This Wednesday evening we will hold our monthly general PA meeting. Wednesday 10/23 at 6PM. Free Childcare and pizza are available.

On the agenda we will have 2 capital expense proposals:
1. A proposal to purchase additional drums for the Drum Line program that will enable expanding it to 20 drummers. This expense is $2953.07
2. A proposal to purchase a folding 10×10 E-Z Up tent to be used for gloomy / sunny day Bake Sales. This expense is $139.00.

Both expenses are to be paid out from the reserve fund: funds that were raised and have not been put to use in past years and cannot be used for this year’s operating budget.

We will need to approve our September General PA meeting minutes.

We will hear an update from our treasurers about the performance of our operating budget.

An initiative to bring Children Book authors to visit the school and meet with students.

Discussion on potential collaborations with CWS and PS/MS 34 and District Wide issues.

Our Committees are in need of new chairs:
The Green and Wellness Committee who worked in the past on environmental initiatives in the school (biodegradable lunch trays, water fountains, Textile recycling drives).

The Social Action Committee who works on involvement of the school community with relevant issues. Lately it organized a group of families who marched together at School Strike for the climate.

The Diversity Committee who works on inclusion and diversity in the school community and curriculum.

The Fundraising Committee who works on ways to get the funds needed for our operating budget and will organize our Spring Gala.

We just passed the $20,000 mark on our Family Contribution Drive. We aim to raise $45,000. Suggested amount is $500 per family in the school but any amount counts.

See you Wednesday evening,
PA Exec team

School Wide Morning Meeting Message 10/21/2019

Dear EVCS Students,

Welcome back!  I hope you had a beautiful fall weekend.  The leaves are turning, the weather is getting colder, and that means that the Fall Ball is coming soon!  I hope everyone will try to make it to the Fall Ball this Saturday from 12-4. Admission to the event is FREE!  We’ll have a bounce house, games and activities and of course the legitimately creepy haunted house. There will also be a pumpkin carving contest and a costume contest with prizes for the winners.  If you’re still not sure what you’re going to dress up as – there is a costume exchange after school today in Sauer Park where you can upcycle old costumes for someone else to wear, or pick up a gently used costume free of charge.  I’ve got my costume ready, I can’t wait to see you all there.   

You may not realize this, but just like all of you, your teachers and I are also constantly learning new things and working to become better at what we do.  Right now our whole staff is studying together about the best ways to teach reading. One thing we have learned is that the single most important thing that kids can do in elementary school to become stronger readers is to: 

Read independently from a book that is on their level at school
and at home every single day.  

Your teachers will teach you the skills and strategies that you need, but it is the independent reading practice that is the most critical thing.  Let’s all commit to making sure we are selecting books on our level and taking the time to read independently every day! You can do it!

Thanks so much to our friends in the 2nd grade for hosting today, thanks to all of the parents who came this morning, huge thanks to the SWMM house band, and thank you to everyone who sang loud and proud. Have a great day and great week everyone.