Volunteer to help in the lunch room with RECYCLING!

Dear EVCS families,

New York City has a goal to have zero waste go to landfills by 2030. But that means we all have to do our part – including at school too.

Our kids discard lots of things during their time in the cafeteria – nearly all of it recyclable or compostable – but need help properly sorting their items. From compostable lunch trays to food scraps, from empty single-use containers, to milk cartons, there’s a lot to sort!

Please fill out THIS FORM if you are available to be in the cafeteria during our lunch periods (10:45-11:45 a.m.) next week. We are looking for parent volunteers to help our kids properly identify their trash and put it into the proper bins. There are visuals and signs already posted, but a helpful reminder will go a long way in improving our sustainability efforts here at EVCS.

Thank you in advance!
EVCS Green & Wellness

EVCS has an ongoing fundraiser set up with schoola.com! Learn More.

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Dear EVCS Families and Friends,

Keep the Music Playing and the Kids on the move at East Village Community School !

Ready to learn more? schoola.com
EVCS has an ongoing fundraiser set up with schoola.com

Join us in expressing your support for our program and more…
share it with friends and family too, its as easy as 1, 2, 3!
This is an on-going fundraiser! You can participate at anytime by ordering a Schoola donation bag. Go green, get clean and help out EVCS by recycling your gently used clothing each season!

What NOT to donate:
sleepwear, undies or socks
men’s clothing, any item loved to pieces, stretched, stained or faded, missing labels, homemade or altered, no offensive language or content.
What you CAN donate:
Like new condition, clean clothing for babies, kids, tweens, teens & women, maternity, shoes and boots in great condition, women’s hand bags, Halloween Costumes – although we might want to save those for an EVCS trade in the fall!

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FIRST BAG MAILED DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME, Fill it up and drop it in the mail- postage paid, that’s it!!

Great Job EVCS, See you next week!

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I congratulate you on your efforts collecting wearables! A shout out to Naumi Feldmam for organizing and a big thanks to all parents that brought in clothing!
\We received a check for $125.00 and it really felt good.
MORE INFO ON wearables

I am certain this could be the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Stay cool this weekend and remember to use sunblock!

No School Monday, May 30th in observance of Memorial Day.
See you in the yard on Tuesday!




EVCS’s Clothing Drive in honor of Earth Day 2016 was a big hit! We managed to collect 1125 lbs. of used clothing, shoes, linens and other textiles over the course of our 3-day drive. As an added bonus, Wearable Collections (www.wearablecollections.com), the organization that will recycle everything we collected, is donating $125 back to EVCS’s Parents Association.

Thanks so much for your donations – we look forward to making this an annual Earth Day event!


Fundraiser set up with schoola.com

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Dear EVCS Families and Friends,

We wanted to thank everyone for participating in the recent clothing drive.

If you missed it, you are in luck!
EVCS has an ongoing fundraiser set up with schoola.com

Join us in expressing your support for our program and more…
share it with friends and family too, its as easy as 1, 2, 3! Really.

CKICK HERE TO GET YOUR FIRST BAG MAILED DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME, Fill it up and drop it in the mail- postage paid, that’s it!!

Soil Convoy: Campos on 13th to EVCS! Friday before we bike!

Dear Parents

We have a terrific start on the garden, seeds have been planted and the little babies are starting to come up! Please be sure to stop up to take a peek – you can access the garden throught he yard up the stairs where the nikes and scooters are stored.

We need more soil…
we may have access to free soil not far from the school, as a gift from a neighboring gardener, if we can find a way to get it here!

If anyone is feeling strong and has extra time, we need to haul some over from 13th Street (Campos Plaza) this Friday afternoon…
We would meet up in the yard sometime between 1- 2:30ish,
we would walk over to 13th St, load up, pull it back and carry it up to the ToKG…

If anyone has access to a wheel barrow, bring it along!
Granny Carts would also work, we can fill up empty plastic soil bags.
We do have a couple wagons and the garden has a shovel or two. Our our next door neighbor may have a shovel we can borrow as well!

What a better way to spend 1/2 hour on earth day than moving earth.

Good ol’ physical labor on a hot spring day before spring break!

and who would be supplying the lemonade?!

Please send us a phone number if you care to help and are willing to jump in on the fun! We will share more details on time and place to meet.

Spread the word. No pressure, it’s an odd time of day.

Happy Earth Week.


Celebrate Earth Day at EVCS!


Things you and your children can do this Friday, April 22nd: 

  1. Pack a lunch with ZERO trash potential!
  • What does this mean? Pack a lunch that only has reusable/recyclable containers and results in only recyclable/compostable waste.
  1. Contact your children’s teachers about things your family can contribute to GO GREEN in the classroom! Some things teachers may want or need:
  • Plants
  • Natural/green hand sanitizers
  1. Participate in CAR-FREE NYC 2016!:
  1. Wear GREEN!
  • Children are encouraged to wear the color green or clothes that embrace the spirit of GOING GREEN!


Learn about our School Building-Wide Wellness Committee!

Download a copy of the School Building-Wide Wellness Committee’s EARTH DAY BOOKLET!

Download Earth Day Playful Activity

Download Earth Day Coloring Pages

Learn more about how Earth Day is honored around the world!

For local Earth Day events, click here

Did you know? De Blasio Administration Bans Single-Use Styrofoam Products in New York City Beginning July 1, 2015

April 22 is National Earth Day!


Dear Families,

This Friday, April 22 is National Earth Day!

Let’s celebrate together and be mindful of what it means to HEAL the Earth. We can be a part of the solution to make the world stronger, safer and a healthier place for all of us.

Click here for easy ways to celebrate this Friday April 22nd at EVCS.

Our EARTH WEEK CLOTHING DRIVE is going on Monday, April 18th through Wednesday, April 20th at drop-off! For more information, click HERE.

Express your support and show your spirit!
Have a Great Week!

Your Green & Wellness Committee


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Dear Parents and Guardians,

EVCS will be hosting a CLOTHING DRIVE at drop-off on the mornings of Monday 4/18, Tuesday 4/19 and Wednesday 4/20.

Bring your items to the yard the week of April 18 – 20.
Please bring in old clothes, shoes, bags, hats, towels and linens you no longer need so that they can be recycled!

In honor of Earth Day 2016, EVCS is teaming up with Wearable Collections (www.wearablecollections.com) to collect as many pounds as we can of old clothing, shoes and other textiles. All donations will be reused, repurposed or recycled into new textiles-by Wearable Collections. As an added bonus,
EVCS will receive 10 cents for every pound we collect!

Keep an eye out for reminders and flyers (click to view) to go home this week!

Here is a link from the website of the Textile Recycling Association called SMART. http://smartasn.org/educators-kids/index.cfm  This page is chock full of useful info to share with the kiddies about why we reuse and recycle clothing and its impact.

More questions? Please contact green@evcsnyc.org.

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