Update on construction site violation

An excerpt from the fact sheet — The New York. City Department of Buildings/Environmental Control Board served the construction site with a “Stop Work Order” on December 18, 2012 citing failure “to safeguard all persons and property affected by the construction operations…” and a “vertical crack between buildings.” (ECB Violation/DOB Violation Number 121812CERDL01). The building affected is along Avenue B, likely building number 181/183.

The preceding was the construction site’s only open violation with NYC. As of January 17, 2013 Jared Lustbader, the construction site developer, reported that the sheet shoring around the entire perimeter of the grounds was completed on December 20, 2012. Since the cracks on the adjacent building were confirmed as being non-structural the next stage, involving the installation of piles on site was slated to commence Tuesday or Wednesday of this week with the DOB monitoring their progress on a daily basis. Any further delay is likely due to frigid temperatures (and frozen grounds). Once started, it is expected to take 3-4 days. This will require the use of an overhead crane replete with a hammer that will be utilized to drive the piles into the ground. Vibration and noise is associated with this work and once this has been completed they will move onto excavation and foundation work. Hopefully it still stands that the noisiest phase of the work will be completed sometime in February.

Buildings & Facilities Factsheet

As you know, there’s a tremendous amount of big work being done in and around our school. Our auditorium has been out of commission since the start of the school year, the building is now wrapped in scaffolding for brick work and window replacement, and there’s even a new building going up right next door.

Meetings are held weekly with the school administration, School Construction Authority (SCA), and parent representatives. EVCS PA Vice-President Camille Marlowe, in particular, has been keeping up on all the ins and outs and filing reports at our monthly PA meetings. Now she’s created a document to track progress and give us a look at some basic facts about these projects:
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Construction on corner of 12th & B

The PA Vice President Camille Marlow has been following the construction projects at school and off-site — there’s a lot going on. Anyone interested in helping the Building and Facilities committee keep an eye on these projects should email parents@evcsnyc.org to let us know your interests and availability.

In the meantime, here’s a notice we received about the construction on the corner of 12th and Ave. B. A new foundation will be constructed, and some of it will be quite noisy. We are working to try to make sure the loud stuff is done after school hours, but for the moment it’s not clear how much control we have over that. Normal noise mitigation plans allow for rock driving on weekdays from 7am to 6pm.

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Construction Update from Robin

Dear EVCS Families,

Phew, I’m really pleased to say that our first seven days of school have gone off without a hitch. Well, yes, there were a few separation tears in our PreK and K classes but overall, children are happily engaged in helping their teachers build a new classroom community. The activities of our morning meetings, for instance, serve the purpose of helping children to understand and learn more about each other as they take on responsibility and reflect on their actions. This is one of the many classroom routines that teachers build into the daily schedule to shape and influence a positive class community. Morning meetings are a wonderful part of the day—be sure to ask your child about their morning activities.

I’m shifting gears now and moving into an issue that affects the entire school community…here is the update on the construction project that will ultimately improve our school building: Beginning next week and over the course of the next two years, our morning arrival and dismissal procedures will change dramatically as we will soon lose a sizable amount of space in the school yard to accommodate construction machinery, materials and vehicles that are necessary to complete the work. For the duration of this project, the gated area for parking at the east end of the schoolyard will be removed and used as an entrance into the yard. The jungle gym will also be closed off and inaccessible. Therefore, to address the reduced space issue, beginning Wednesday, September 19th, we will not have a morning recess or play time and the schoolyard will be restricted to ‘morning drop off’ for families.

At EVCS, we have always encouraged students to move about freely in the yard because we know the deep value of physical activity–it energizes children, helps them ease into a focused mindset in the classroom and stimulates cognitive development. To offset this loss of morning movement, I encourage parents to consider the following ideas that may be helpful for starting the day. Before coming to school:
• Avoid short cuts and take the longer route to school
• Spend time in the park
• Jog, scooter, bike or skip to school

Prek and K arrival will continue as it has been, with children going directly to their classes. Students in grades 1-5 should arrive at 8:25 and they must line up and wait for the classroom teacher. Fourth and fifth graders will no longer meet their teachers in the “Tree of Knowing Garden” as it can no longer be used as a gathering place. Teachers will arrive in the yard at 8:30 to escort classes into the building.

We are a community that works together to make things better. I want you all to know that we recognize how disruptive these changes are to the socializing and community-building that has historically taken place when we gather for drop off and pick up in the yard. The staff feels the absence of this, just as we know you do. As soon as possible, we will have the yard restored for our use. And in the meantime, we will be working on alternative ways of being together and interacting as the strong community we are. Thanks in advance for your understanding as we all face the challenge of the building renovation for our school.


Robin Williams, Principal

Demolition Begins on Corner of 12th and B

Looks like the long-abandoned building on the corner of 12th and B is finally set to be demolished, reports blogger EV Grieve. Apparently, a 7-story mixed-use building is planned to take its place.

Photo by Matt Lambros.

Photographer Matt Lambros took photos of the interior of this old theater earlier in the year. So in case you never made it to a movie here, you can see what’s been hiding right around the corner all these years.

As you may know, we will have to manage more than our fair share of construction and scaffolding over the next two years, with a major renovation of our auditorium in the works, as well as brickwork and window replacement on our entire building.

CEC Meeting Recap

We had a really great turnout from EVCS parents at last night’s Community Education Council (CEC) meeting. Robin and Bradley led the charge, with over a dozen other parents speaking to the success of our school, our need for more space, and the inadequacy of the proposed move to a building on Henry Street.

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Tonight at 6pm: Important District Meeting for EVCS Parents

Tonight’s CEC meeting is a must for all parents interested in the future of EVCS (that’s you, right?).

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
at PS 20 (Essex Street just below Houston)

This is a public meeting to discuss the space constraints within our building. A strong showing by EVCS parents will help make it clear that we strongly support keeping our school in its present location, but we need additional space.

Childcare will be provided at the meeting.

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