A new School Playground – Vote!

Plan #1

Plan #1

Over the past month, a group of our fourth grade students have been working with students from CWS and P94 to design our new school yard with the Trust for Public Land! Their planning has taken into consideration not only what would be fun for our students but also what would create the most positive environmental impact as well. Our students collected survey data from the nearly 1,000 students and teachers in our building to think about what all students wanted to see – keeping in mind the different age groups as well as interests. They had to keep in mind the soccer players, the make-believe players, the jump-ropers, the book-readers – and everyone in between! They also studied the yard for sun/shade, drainage and water, and the slope of the ground, creating detailed maps to use in their work. They also looked at other playgrounds to gather ideas. Using all of this data, they created two plans that we as a community can vote on.

All students will vote in their classrooms on Thursday and Friday of this week, but parents are also invited to vote! Please use THIS FORM to look at the two proposed plans and cast your vote online by Friday at 3:00pm. Both designs will also be posted in the school yard this Friday from 8am-8:30am with a paper ballot box available for in-person voting.

This school yard will be a great place for our students to enjoy for years to come – and will also become public space on afternoons and weekends for our whole community. We hope you will be part of this democratic participatory process on Friday morning!

Form link: https://goo.gl/forms/7GuhVMgnwBWmyzlB3

Plan #2

Plan #2

REMINDER: Building Wellness Committee meeting tomorrow!

Hi everyone,
This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow, October 7th, at 8:45 am will be the School Building-Wide Wellness Committee meeting. It will take place in Room 210 (James Bromberg’s office).
Even if you are not “on the committee” you are very welcome to come, listen and contribute.
Old Business:
1. Water fountains
2. Cafeteria noise
3. Cleaning products — building and classroom products
4. Fundraising
New Business:
4. Soda vending machine in lobby
5. Anything else?

See you all tomorrow!

Naumi (EVCS) and Tina (CWS)

Letter of Support for cafeteria noise-reduction-related capital funding

Dear Principals Goodman, Shuster and Velez-Clarke,

The School Building-Wide Wellness Committee for the Children’s Workshop School, the East Village Community School and the Spectrum School has written a letter of support for your request for capital funding to reduce noise levels in the school building cafeteria. Attached are the letter and images of sound pressure (i.e., noise) readings taken in the cafeteria during the lunch hour on January 16, 2015.

In the interest of being “green”, we are emailing this letter and images, however, please do not hesitate to let me know if you need hard copies of the attached files. If you have any questions, please contact either me at the information below or Tina Gilberti, CWS Parent and Chair of CWS’s Wellness Committee. We thank you in advance for your review of our support letter and look forward to providing assistance in any way possible for advancing this important initiative.

Link to the letter

Best regards,

Naumi Feldman
EVCS Parent
Chair, EVCS Parents Association’s Green and Wellness Committee
Member, School Building-Wide Wellness Committee



From the School Building-Wide Wellness Committee

Happy 2015! I hope this email finds everyone rejuvenated from a happy, healthy and peaceful winter break.
For those who do not know me, I’m a parent at EVCS and have been working with Tina Gilberti, a parent from CWS, to organize a School Building-Wide Wellness Committee. The purpose of this committee is to address nutrition, environmental, and fitness issues that concern all three schools (CWS, EVCS, Spectrum) that share 610 E. 12th Street.

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Join Us – Dec 10 – School Building-Wide Wellness Committee

Are you interested in creating a healthier environment for EVCS students? If so, please join the EVCS-CWS-Spectrum School’s School Building-Wide Wellness Committee! The three schools that share 610 East 12th Street have come together to identify and advocate for changes to improve the overall wellness of students at all three schools. Agenda items include providing more nutritional options on the school lunch menu, providing filtered water to students, making water more accessible in the cafeteria, reducing noise levels in the cafeteria, and using greener and less toxic cleaning products in the building. The agenda is still in its development phase so please join us to also discuss any other ideas or concerns that you have!

The next meeting is taking place Wednesday, December 10th at 8:40 am in the school cafeteria.

Please email Naumi Feldman at green@evcsnyc.org if you have any questions.

What: EVCS-CWS-Spectrum School Building-Wide Wellness Committee
When: Wednesday, December 10th, 8:40 am
Where: School Cafeteria

Few pieces of information…

NEW OFFICE ARRANGEMENTS: A few changes you should know about: first, Robin Williams, our principal, has moved her office back to the second floor–she will be in her old room, 210, just to the left of the Children’s Workshop office.
Bradley Goodman, our assistant principal, will be in Robin’s old 4th floor office, right next to the main office in room 405.
Aurora Fields, our guidance counselor, who was in 210 last year, will now be in Bradley’s former office, room 460.
And, Valerie Preston, our early childhood social worker, who was also in room 210 last year, will be found in the 2nd floor classrooms, and in our main office, room 405. You can always call or email me to get in touch with her.
NEW TEACHERS: We also have two new cluster teachers: Maggie will be teaching art, and Ana will be teaching dance (in place of the Healthy Movements program we’ve had in the past). You will be hearing from both of them this week!
This weekend, one of our incoming parents asked some questions that I realize many of you may be wondering about: so I am including my responses here:
BREAKFAST AT EVCS: All children may take advantage of free breakfast at the school–it is served beginning at 8 a.m. in the school cafeteria, and we have a staff member who supervises our students while they are having breakfast. Our students sit in the east end of the cafeteria (closest to the school yard, furthest from the auditorium).
LUNCH AT EVCS: Starting tomorrow, we will be asking each family to fill out a school lunch eligibility form. You can do it online at applyforlunch.com, which is quick and the most efficient way of doing it. Within a couple of days, the results will indicate whether a student is eligible for free, reduced-price, or full-price lunch. It’s possible that you’ve already received a letter saying your child is eligible for free lunch, too. If a child is eligible for reduced- or full-price lunch, then you would receive a bill at the end of October for the lunches eaten in Sept. and Oct, and then you’d be billed monthly after that. If your child is eligible for free lunch, then of course you would never receive a bill.
Many families prefer to send their children with lunch from home, and many children eat home lunch on certain days of the week, and school lunch on others. As soon as it is available, I will send home the September lunch menu so that you and your child can see what’s cooking.
METROCARDS: We should have our student metrocards tomorrow or soon thereafter–we will give them out as soon as they are delivered to us. If a child lives 1 mile or further from school, and is in grade K or above, she or he is eligible for a metrocard. Children who live between 1/2 and 1 mile from school are eligible for a bus pass, but not a metrocard. Student metrocards and bus passes function Mondays-Fridays. They do not work on weekends.

Construction Update

Have you heard about the West Wall?/Our School Building Deemed Safe for Occupancy.

Last Wednesday, February 27th the SCA engineer of record filed a “Stop Work Order,” on the Avenue B construction site to facilitate further evaluation after some cracks in the facade of the west wall were noticed close to the ground. It is thought that these cracks are well within the normal course of things where this kind of extensive construction is concerned and may have resulted from the school building settling in response to the neighboring construction site’s structural shoring, excavation and foundation work. Sensors were immediately placed in that vicinity in order to measure and record any movement. According to the SCA Consultant (our on-site project manager), the following morning’s sensor readings suggested that there had not been additional movement in the soil or near the cracks. Accordingly, the building was deemed safe for occupancy both by the SCA engineer of record and the Avenue B site’s structural engineer. It seems that additional readings have or will be taken to monitor the area and that the Department of Buildings will need to be on site to inspect in response to the “Stop Work Order” that was filed earlier.

All three school administrations were notified last week about this development and will continue to work closely with the SCA, the Avenue B construction site and the Department of Buildings (DOB). The only remaining uncertainty is whether or not the stop work order has officially been lifted. Bradley is looking into this since it seems that some work at the Avenue B site resumed on Monday, March 4th. In the meantime, the building remains safe. There has been some mention about considering the removal of scaffolding on that west wall since this could minimize risk even further. But that is just one opinion.

We will do our best to keep you updated on this!!! Anyone with concerns and questions regarding this development can email camille@evcsnyc.org.

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February Construction Update

Regarding the construction taking place next door:

Site developer Jared Lustbader made sure that the trash along the Avenue A safety barriers was removed as soon as they were back on the job. We are also eagerly awaiting the return of our sidewalk, which the Avenue B construction site is temporarily using to store equipment until just after February break. He also assures us that the worst of the vibration and noise has come to a close with the most recent stage of pile installation having been completed (as of 1:00 PM on January 30th). Robin requested that any future noisy work be completed as close to 3:00 PM as possible. Meanwhile, excavation and foundation work should commence during the early part of the week of February 4th. Meanwhile and on behalf of EVCS parents, an explicit request for a community meeting was made to Mr. Lustbader in the hopes that any issues arising going forward can be addressed as quickly as possible.