EVCS Weekly May 27 – 31

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

For those who may have missed the 2019 FLeaVCS
including the big fish reveal or you simply want to see it again, check it out here. A huge shout out to PA President Catharine Lyons for spearheading this work of art-puppet and to all of the volunteer artists who participated to make it a reality! We hope to see the family of fish grow next year!

Students are enjoying the end of year projects, class trips, and school events. Be sure to check in with teachers for final shares dates!

If anyone is interested in becoming a class parent next year, please join us Friday, June 14th for a meeting and celebration around the class parent role following drop off in the yard! I hope to see you there!

Next week is a four day week, and we have an eager and determined team of parents hoping to pull together a Spring issue of the EVCS School Newspaper! Remind your child that this is not school work, this is a student-driven initiative. Without student news, there is no paper! If your child has an article to submit please send it along to us here with the Subject: EVCS Spring News and I will share it with the Team! Any event recap, reporting on class work, shares or trips are welcome and encouraged. We accept short stories, poetry, visual art, and photographic images too!

Let’s get more details about next week and beyond…

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School Wide Morning Meeting Message 5/20/19

Dear EVCS students,


Thanks to everyone who came to FleaVCS on Saturday!  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time rummaging through the clothes and finding treasures, enjoying treats from the bake sale, fixing up our bicycles, listening to the EVCS drum line and a special performance by the giant puppet making team.  This event, which we hope to make an annual tradition, was organized in the spirit of taking care of our environment and upcycling – which is a word that means repurposing or reusing old things instead of throwing them out.

And this morning many of us met up at the North or South ends of our district to ride our bicycles to school together in a show of support for a dedicated bike lane on Avenue B. Our core value is social action and this is what it looks like!

Who else thought that today’s sing along song choices were especially good?  Well, they were chosen by a very important person – our Principal for the Day, 1st Grader Kairos Yoon!  Principal for the Day will actually take place next week on Tuesday – but I wanted to introduce you to Kairos today and let him to tell you all about his special rules for the day next Tuesday.
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School Wide Morning Meeting Message 5/6/19

Dear EVCS students,

First, let’s all officially welcome Terry back to school!    

What a great time we had at the Multicultural Share on Friday night!   The delicious food representing so many of our families’ cultures and traditions shared with our whole community, and the excellent performances make it one of my favorite EVCS events year after year.  Thanks again to everyone who brought food to share, to the brave kids who shared their talents, and to all of you who were such an encouraging and supportive audience. I thought this year’s was one of the best one we have had in a long time.

This Friday is the Notes in Motion Poetry Carnival!  At 5pm families can sign in and grab some dinner in the cafeteria.  Then from 5:30 until 7:00 the fun begins. We’ll be dancing and moving along with the Amanda Selwyn Dance Company, to the poetry of well-known poets as well as our EVCS Poetry contest winners!  So many of our classes have been reading and writing poetry over the last month, and this Friday we’ll be celebrating poetry together through dance. I hope you can join us!

One final announcement. We have been noticing that the newly plants bushes and shrubs in the schoolyard along the fence have been getting really damaged, with lots of broken branches.  PLEASE be careful not step on those bushes or break the branches off. Let’s take care of our school environment!

Thanks as always to the SWMM House Band, and thanks to everyone who sang loud and proud this morning.   

Have a great day and a great week.



School Wide Morning Meeting Message 4/15/19

Dear EVCS students,

Our core value is Joy of Learning – and one of the places that we see this core value on display regularly is in chess class with Stephanie and Yuri.  

We love chess because it’s not only fun, but it helps us exercise our brains in really important ways.  When we play chess we have to start with a plan for how we are going to move the pieces, but then depending on how our opponent moves we need to update our plan throughout the game.  This is complex problem solving, because the information is constantly changing.

Chess is also really great practice with persistence, because we need to stay focused throughout the game, sometimes for a long time.  And it’s a great way to practice good sportsmanship. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t! As long as you tried your best and had fun you can feel proud.  

We just finished our second ever EVCS chess tournament, and I am happy to say that almost twice as many kids participated this year than last year!  We were so impressed with the intelligence, sportsmanship, and heart our kids demonstrated throughout the tournament.  And now to tell us more about the tournament and officially announce the results is our PE teacher and chess tournament organizer, Coach Eric.

Congratulations again to all the chess tournament participants.  Thanks to the 3rd grade for hosting SWMM today, thanks as always to the SWMM House Band, and thanks to everyone who sang loud and proud this morning.   

Have a great day and a great week.



EVCS Weekly April 15 – 18


Dear Parents and Guardians,

The EVCS Gala-xy was spectacular. Thank you Gala Team! Another amazing effort and a record turnout! Congratulations to every winner, every parent, child, and donor! You know who you are! Thank you, teachers and staff, for being part of the NEW raffle this year and creating the life experiences and memories for our kids! We want to thank Performance Space New York for supporting EVCS and sharing an amazing room for our event. The Parent Association will be reaching out soon with more detail, stay tuned!

Gala Winners: Please be sure to reach out to the Gala Team at events@evcsnyc.org with any questions and to collect your prizes!

What could possibly top the Gala? You guessed it, the Multicultural Share!
This is one of our favorite events because it involves adults AND kids!

The Multicultural Share Event will be on Friday, May 3 this year!
The deadline to sign up for the performance part of the share is today at 5:00 p.m.! please be sure to get an online form in now if your child or family hopes to be considered for a performance spot. See details below!

We hope the cooks in our crowd will consider making something for the Multicultural Share Potluck portion of this event! Bring your favorite family dish! More information went home in backpacks this week. We will have free disposable aluminum pans available in the yard the week of the share or you can pick one up in the office anytime! Details and sign-up links are below.

And in case you missed the Town Hall Safety Meeting this week, Our Building Response Team (BRT) presented the following information: Building-Wide Safety Roles and Procedures. Any questions may be emailed directly to Liz Wanttaja at EWanttaja@schools.nyc.gov.

Take a look at dates and mark our calendars…

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FleaVCS Needs You!

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FleaVCS Needs You!

Dear EVCS Families,

Do you have a bag of clothes waiting to be donated? Have you gotten out the summer clothes only to realize they no longer fit? Did you get on a Marie Kondo kick recently and empty out your wardrobe? Good news….

On May 18th we will be holding FleaVCS, an adult and kids clothing swap as well as a bike and scooter swap! Free to enter, $10 to fill a bag with clothes – all are welcome and proceeds go to the EVCSPA. We will also have the EVCS drum line, recycled art projects and puppets and food vendors!


We realize that there may be a lot of questions, see the FAQ below.

Sparking Joy,
The Fundraising Team


Where and when is this event taking place?
In the EVCS yard on 12th street between Ave B and Ave C on Saturday May 18th at 12 noon – 4PM

What donations are you looking for?
Clean kids and adult clothes, belts and hand bags in good shape. Also scooters and bikes of all sizes (better if they work, if they need small repairs bring them and we will try to have them fixed on the spot).

How will the bike and scooter swap work?
It’s like that change bowl you see at the register sometimes that says “have a penny, leave a penny, need a penny, take a penny”. So, it’s not a perfect one to one swap, only bring bikes and scooters you want to get rid of. If you are looking for something you can let us know and we will try to find it for you but no guarantees.

My closets are literally busting at the seems, when can I drop donations off?
We are sorry, ours are too, just a bit longer… drop offs will begin on May 13th in the yard – you can donate during school drop off and pick up for the entire week or you can bring donations on the day of the event.

Will this be a free event?
Yes, free to enter and $10 to fill a bag to the brim with clothes. We will be selling recycled paper bags or you can bring your own bag to fill. All proceeds go to the EVCS PA.

Can I bring shoes?
Um, no – that just gets too complicated and heavy. Sorry. But please recycle your shoes.

Can I bring toys or furniture or other stuff?
No, please leave that at home too.

What will the kids do during the day of the event?
They can help find and sort clothes, play on the playground, work on recycled art projects, listen to the drum line, interact with large paper mache puppets,… will be fun!

What if it rains?
It still happens, we will just move it indoors to cafeteria, auditorium and lobby.

Can people outside of EVCS donate and come?
Yes, we want this to be a community event! Please help us spread the word.

This is so cool, can I help?
Yes, we will need lots of volunteers starting at 10AM to help us sort the clothes on the morning of the event – please email fundraising@evcsnyc.org to let us know if you can help.

Order this year’s Gala Class Art Project

Galaxy 4web

All of the Stars


Hello EVCS Families and Child Art Collectors/ Appreciators,

11” x 14” Prints of this year’s Gala Class Art Project are for sale until April 18th- (delivery in May) $15.00

Order it now

All of the Stars
Whole-School Collaborative Mural. Acrylic on Canvas.

There is no such thing as an extra planet in the Universe. Each
student and staff member adds their own special planet to our
galaxy that is the East Village Community School. Each and every
one, uniquely important to making our universe and school shine.

Individual classes and the staff created their own galaxy “quadrants” on 14” x 18” canvases. Together these canvases make this Galaxy Mural. The individual canvases were auctioned off during the Spring Gala event.

11” x 14” Photo prints available for delivery in May.

Kind regards,
the Gala team