Making AfterSchool available and affordable for all


If you need AfterSchool to be free, it’s free.

But please pay as much as you can!


AfterSchool fees are going up again this year in order to support raising Class Assistant salaries to $15 per hour and to bring back full scholarships for families that need them.

Since starting the AfterSchool program in 2012, we have struggled to find the right fee structure to pay for our dual goals: providing high quality, enriching classes with experienced instructors while making the program available and affordable for any family at EVCS who wants to participate.

In 2015, the costs of continuing AfterSchool@evcs were mounting. New York State denied our request to pay instructors as contractors and required us to pay thousands in back unemployment insurance. Securing a license from the DOH added costs to our liability insurance. And running this small business entirely with volunteer administrators was problematic, so professional fees were added for payroll management, HR services, and registration software. We raised fees slightly and eliminated the full scholarship for low-income families, asking everyone to contribute at least 15% of the full rate.

Eliminating full scholarships has had consequences for some EVCS families who have no means to pay for AfterSchool, and has added to the perception that EVCS is a high-end school not open to everyone in the community. As our school staff and parents have embarked on several diversity initiatives, it has become clear that some prospective families won’t consider EVCS unless our AfterSchool program is free. But without Title 1 subsidies that other schools in the district receive for their after-school programs, we need to find a way to keep AfterSchool from losing money all on our own.

A commitment to inclusion was a founding principle of our AfterSchool program, and this spring the AfterSchool Advisory Committee reaffirmed this commitment to provide a free option for families who need it. For EVCS, for our neighborhood, and for public education in general, how we approach inclusion for AfterSchool is inseparable from the broader conversation around these issues. To that end, we are re-adjusting our fee structure to give families more autonomy in determining their own capacity to pay.

This year, there are five price points for AfterSchool:

Full price: $ 27.50 per class session
Retro price: 23.00 (same as last year’s price)
Half price: 13.75
Retro scholarship: 3.50 (same as last year’s scholarship)
Full scholarship: 0.00

It’s up to you to decide how much to pay. Please pay as much as you can.We are relying on most families to pay full price, as you have before. These other payment options are available if you need them. And if you need AfterSchool to be free, it’s free, no questions asked.

Thank you,
AfterSchool Advisory Committee

PS. AfterSchool class registration will begin Friday at noon. Note that there will be no AfterSchool on the first two full days of school. AfterSchool will begin on Tuesday, September 13.

Please Weigh-In on AfterSchool @ EVCS


AfterSchool Family Survey

Help us make AfterSchool at EVCS even stronger!
Please complete the ONLINE SURVEY HERE TODAY

You may also take the survey in room 210
Tomorrow- Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3
following morning drop off or before pick-up between 2:00 – 2:30pm

All information is confidential and anonymous.
We really need and want to hear from you!


Class Proposals: Open Call

If you know a professional that works well with elementary aged children, inspires, motivates and has an interesting and enriching activity to present to our community of kids, AfterSchool@evcs would like to hear more !

AfterSchool’s Request for Fall 2016 Class Proposals Online Here.
Printed versions are available for pick up during AfterSchool hours
(from Camille, Adriane or Brianne) or during school hours stop by
room 210 and see James. Please Share liberally.
Hard deadline for all class proposals: Monday, June 13th!!!
Multiple ways to submit class proposals are indicated in the
Request for Proposals Document. Thank you for your support.

~Camille & the AfterSchool Advisory Committee

AfterSchool@evcs Survey


Dear EVCS families,

Please complete this survey to aid the AfterSchool Advisory Committee in identifying the varying child care needs and/or afterschool preferences of our community. All responses are anonymous. We are looking for input from families who use AfterSchool@evcs and from those who don’t.

Thank you,
AfterSchool Advisory Committee

Good and Ready for the Mar. 3 Half Day

Hi eveyrone,

This is just a friendly reminder that the EVCS half day is fast approaching this Thursday, March 3rd. Registration for AfterSchool’s 11:30 – 2:50 programming closed last week. Those enrolled should have received an email confirmation this morning (at 7:05 am). Either way, please finalize your alternative and pick up plans. Thursday promises to be challenging enough with parent teacher conferences (we’ll be displaced) and a full day in session at P94. Let’s make sure to avoid ANY confusion! Remember also, as long as your child/ren is/are regularly enrolled in a Thursday AfterSchool class, they can attend that regular class from 2:50 – 5:00PM per usual.

I’m here if you have any questions,


March 3 Half Day Registration

Thursday, March 3 half day programming (11:30 – 2:50)
Movement Creative offers parkour and play based fitness programs to various age groups in diverse settings. Inside, outside, schools, playgrounds, parks. Their philosophy is to center learning through action and careful experimentation. The focus is on identifying personal challenges, safely testing limits and overcoming tangible obstacles by identifying “creative ways over, under or through” those obstructions. All  done within the context of a non-competitive discipline. If you’re still on the fence, here’s a little nudge:* complex-thinking, strength, flexibility, balance, control, creativity and discipline all come into play (literally).

Um…sign me up! I mean…yeah, sign your kiddos up.
Parents: the online registration form must be completed to ensure a spot for your child/ren.Sign up here:

*Fine print: You see the symmetry here, right? Parkour folks actually absorb nudges and negotiate fences ALL THE TIME.


Last chance to register for AfterSchool — now through Friday

AfterSchool evcs

Our spring semester has already begun but you get one last chance to register for AfterSchool classes now through Friday.

Some classes are already full. Capacity in the rest is limited. And registration will close for good on Friday at 11:59 pm. (No weekend extension — this is it!)

Last chance to register for AfterSchool

If you are registering this week, your classes will start next week. (You will get a credit for this week’s class.)

Qualify for free or reduced lunch? Use coupon SCHOLARSHIP when you check out to get 85% off. Looking for more flexible payment plan or additional support? Contact our co-treasurers, Brian Crowley & Jeremy Sherber, at


AfterSchool registration closes Sunday

Ok, we know, having only five days to register for our spring semester is a drag. The short timeframe is for a good reason — we need time to finalize staffing for the program, and we’d like to not be working on this over the February break — but, on second thought, it does seem like giving everyone the weekend to make these choices would be helpful for everyone.

So here you go: the weekend!

Register for our spring semester now through Sunday.button

Registration will close Sunday night, so please take a look at spring semester options as a family before heading out to the Winter Jubilee at Mercury Lounge Sunday evening.

Qualify for free or reduced lunch? Use coupon SCHOLARSHIP when you check out to get 85% off. Looking for more flexible payment plan or additional support? Contact our co-treasurers, Brian Crowley & Jeremy Sherber, at

Spring classes begin on Monday, February 22 (right after mid-winter break).

Here’s the link again for the registration form.

AfterSchool spring dates and new Pre-K/K programming

Dear Parents,

AfterSchool is preparing for our spring semester, and I am “here” to share some important upcoming program dates with you:

Regular registration will take place starting Monday, January 25 and ending on Friday, January 29. Class descriptions will be available at that time, and we’ll email a complete set of directions when everything’s ready.
We expect to have class rosters finalized before mid-winter break so that EVCS teachers are fully informed of who will be participating in AfterSchool and so that we can all have a nice week off.
The last day of the fall/winter AfterSchool schedule is Friday, February 12.
The first day of the spring AfterSchool semester will begin the first day back from mid-winter break, in other words — Monday, February 22.
We will hold late registration between Wednesday, February 24 and Friday, February 26. Only classes with open seats will be available for late registration.

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