Fri Feb 17 : please pick up at 5PM!!!

Hello Families,

The entire building and facilities will be closed AT 5PM on the last day of AfterSchool’s Fall semester which is Friday, February 17th due to some work that ConEd will be conducting. We do not have control over these plans nor can we alter them.


+ Please be sure to pick up your child/ren AT 5PM Friday, February 17th as we will need to vacate the building immediately.

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AfterSchool | Winding Down, Gearing Up

The Last Long Love Letter

 Welcome to a brand new year for AfterSchool,

 Many of us have been working behind the scenes to ensure the viability of AfterSchool. To that point, thanks to James Bromberg and PA Presidents Catharine and Annette for keeping folks informed about the collective series of meetings treating this issue since the beginning days of this academic year. Whether at the AfterSchool Advisory Committee (ASAC), Executive and General PA meetings and even the SLT; together we covered critical topics on how best to move forward. Most important, we did so as a community. Given all that “processing” – you are likely aware that we are on precipice of a nascent partnership with an outside organization. Mosholu aka MMCC ( is the organization officially taking over for the PA effective this upcoming Spring 2017 semester.

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Open House + Holiday Concert Invite

Ladies and Gents,


First I want to extend a warm welcome to attend AfterSchool’s annual Low Key Open House all next week, December 19 – 23 from 4:30 – 5PM. We have extended this effort this year to the entire program. We understand that there are heavy demands on your time, especially at this time of year parents. Please do not put too much pressure on yourselves as we are, for the time being, planning on end of semester shares (circa mid February). Quick disclaimer – we are in an unprecedented moment. We have a great deal going on in preparation for a new partnership with MMCC ( about which you have heard from Principal Bradley, at Parent Association, AfterSchool Advisory Committee and other meetings of late. **I promise to be in touch with more details about this soon.** But for now, I ask your understanding as we’ve been focused on making preparations and bracing ourselves for shifts and changes accordingly. Also, we are shooting for end of semester shares but are not completely certain what to expect as we approach the future.

Second, thanks to our own Moses St. Bernard, an invitation to a holiday concert at Carnegie Hall has been extended to our families. Moses writes…

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Changes to the after school program at EVCS

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.37.00 PM

Hello EVCS Families,

As you may be aware from the last PA meeting, there are imminent changes ahead for our After-School program. Beginning next semester (February) we will be partnering with an outside organization to administer the program, and it will no longer be a Parent’s Association run enterprise.

Our After School Advisory Committee has been working hard to find great replacement organizations that will, as closely as possible, match our current program in curriculum and mission. The committee is holding a meeting this Tuesday evening (11/15- 5:30pm) to discuss the two best and final contending programs. All are invited to come learn what each of these organizations can offer our kids and be a part of this discussion.

The ASAC, the PA and EVCS administration is making every effort to ensure this shift to new management is as seamless and low impact as possible. Many of the same people and faces will continue to provide the instruction and care of our kids after school. The variety and content of the classes will be kept similar or improved upon and, as a parent body, we will continue to have input into the classes offered. The pricing structure, however, will be changing. In both scenarios we are considering the full price fees will be reduced and scholarships will still be available, though the scholarships may be more limited than they currently are.

The goal is to provide a great, inclusive, valuable, on-sight after-school program that also is viable and sustainable; one that is fun, safe and worthy of our kid’s creativity and time.

Please join the ASAC Tuesday evening(11/15) 5:30pm. (Please RSVP For Childcare here or in Room 203 by Monday 11/14 12 noon)

And/Or learn more at the General PA meeting on Wednesday morning (11/16) 8:45am.

Best Regards,

PA President

Please join the AfterSchool Advisory Committee — meeting this Thursday

AfterSchool EVCS logo

The future of AfterSchool@evcs is in your hands.

AfterSchool@evcs needs your help! We’re looking for parents, teachers, and instructors to ensure that AfterSchool continues to grow and meet the needs of all families at EVCS.

AfterSchool has become an integral component of EVCS and a top priority for the Parent Association. But the financial longevity of the program remains unclear, and it is essential that we continue to examine the program and make good choices about its future.

The AfterSchool Advisory Committee (ASAC) meets 5-6 times a year to guide AfterSchool’s programming, staffing, and budget. The first meeting of this year will be held this Thursday, October 13 at 5:30 pm. We have critical decisions to make and we welcome your input and support.

If you can join us this Thursday for this important advisory committee, please RSVP online here. (Free childcare will be provided at all meetings if you need it.)

If you have any questions, please contact Camille at

Thank you!

AfterSchool@EVCS Regular Weds Pick Up: 5PM

Hi Folks,

Hope all is well.

I am touching base exclusively about tomorrow. As you know, Curriculum Night is upon us. Those children regularly registered for AfterCare on Wednesday will have coverage until 5:55pm and parents should feel free to contact and confirm with us regarding any child meant to be  transferred from AfterSchool’s AfterCare session to Curriculum Night/PA provided childcare. (Although I have asked for access to their list, I would rather we be over-prepared.) The rest of us, however, will need to remember to pick up our kids at 5pm in the lobby per usual.

Neither AfterSchool nor the PA/Curriculum Night organizers will be providing bridge babysitting between the close of AfterSchool at 5pm and the official start of Curriculum Night/childcare at 5:30pm.

And anyone registered for Curriculum Night childcare will need to drop their child/ren at 5:30pm as instructed. (FYI the Curriculum Night childcare button is on the evcs website at;

See you tomorrow night,


Good Evening,

It’s magic. You’re part of the AfterSchool family now! So welcome (back) and look ahead. It was an intense summer spent sourcing and vetting instructors, offerings, class assistants and strengthening our existing programming. But we were in good stead to begin with. These are creative and curious practitioners in their chosen fields. So we’ve another fabulous semester in store.

The next few weeks promise to be demanding on our kids as they warm up to a new school, grade or both; a structured and longer day; new AfterSchool courses and instructors as well as each other. We should all support this transition as much as possible. Parents of PreK and K participants may find themselves making extra efforts in this arena. Scroll down for some pointed tips. 

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AfterSchool fall 2016 registration now open


AfterSchool registration is now open!


Click here to register online.

Registration will stay open for two weeks, ending on Friday, September 2 at noon.

Classes that do not meet minimum enrollment will be cancelled and you will be notified the following week. You will have the option of switching to a different class or receiving a full refund.

Some classes have limited enrollment and will be filled on a first-come basis, after which you can opt to be added to a waitlist for that class.

Remember, there is no AfterSchool on the first two days of school. AfterSchool begins Tuesday, September 13.

Late registration will be available the week of September 13, for classes starting Monday, September 19.

Questions? Please contact Camille at