Have a great summer!

Dear EVCS Families,

It’s hard to believe, but here we are on the penultimate day of school, and I think we can all finally begin to exhale! It’s been a strange and super challenging year for all of us, but I am so incredibly proud of our school for how we have made our way through this time. I have to hand it to our kids for the heroic resilience and positive attitudes they have demonstrated all year. Their enthusiasm, joy, and commitment to learning online and in-person lifted all of us up and sustained us through the most difficult moments. I also want to thank you, our parents, for your patience, understanding and support throughout this tumultuous time. Our parents have always been our partners in this work, but this last year that partnership has taken on a whole new dimension! Thank you for being there with us every step of the way. And I need to give a major shout out to our teachers, paras and service providers. Their already very hard jobs became immeasurably harder these last 16 months, but they showed up for our kids every day with integrity, creativity, and most of all, with heart. The EVCS staff is the best there is and I am so grateful to them for all of the effort that went in to making this year as successful as it was.

Tomorrow is our last day of school before the summer break – please note that it is a full day of school. We are encouraging all of our kids to wear their new EVCS t-shirts! For our students coming in-person, we will have a celebratory sendoff at dismissal, with a “last day of school” photo backdrop, popsicles and other fun stuff. The closure of each school year is a big deal – but this one deserves extra recognition. There’s a chance (slim I am told, but still a possibility) that the Chancellor of Schools Meisha Porter will stop by dismissal to help us say goodbye and wish our kids well for the summer.

Finally, I just want to say that I consider it the privilege of a lifetime to be the principal of our fantastic school. Thank you for trusting me with this great responsibility. Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing summer. See you in September!

As ever,