School-Wide Morning Meeting

Dear EVCS Families,

Today we shared our first School-Wide Morning Meeting of this school year. Of course nothing compares to gathering in the auditorium and singing loud and proud together, and hopefully we will be able to do that again one day soon. In the meantime, we will put together and share a SWMM video roughly every other week that will feature different classes and community members. This week’s SWMM features our A and B cohort 3rd graders playing ukulele and singing and also includes cameos from some of our 2nd graders. I hope creating and watching these videos will help us to feel connected to our community and that it can be a way for all of us to be together in spirit.

Our School-Wide Morning Meeting House Band will continue to kick out the jams, but we’d like to include a range of our community members in these videos as well. Please consider creating a video of your family performing one of our SWMM songs and send it to me so I can share it in a future presentation. And if you’d like to listen to iconic versions of some of the songs in our SWMM repertoire, I’ve put together this playlist.

Let it shine,