Final reminder: changing learning preferences

Dear EVCS Families,

Please be reminded that today is the last day to change your child’s learning preference from fully remote to blended learning. You can do that here.

The first day of the new cycle will be on November 30. However, we are keeping a close eye on the slow but steady increase in the COVID test positivity rate in New York City and are aware that the DOE may take the entire school system remote at any time. If this should happen before our planed switch over to the new cohorts on November 30 we will hold off on regrouping students until we can provide in-person learning again. In other words, if we all go fully remote before November 30 students will continue to work with the primary teachers and groups they have been in, even if you indicated a change in their learning preference, and we would launch the new cycle when we are clear for in-person learning again. Fingers crossed that we can continue to safely work with students in person and proceed as planned for November 30!

If now is not the right time for your family to switch from fully remote to blended but you may be interested in doing that down the road, we will do everything we can to accommodate families on an individual basis throughout the year, as long as there is space. And if your child is currently enrolled in blended learning you can of course switch to fully remote learning at any time this year. If you are not changing your child’s learning preference you do not need to fill out this survey.

Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions or would like to discuss your own family’s situation. Thanks again for your understanding and support.