October Updates

Dear EVCS Families,

I hope everyone is doing well and getting used to the new routines in this unusual school year. A few brief announcements as we head into our week.

This Wednesday at our Parent Association meeting there will be an election for the two open seats on the School Leadership Team (SLT). Our SLT has twelve members – six parents and six staff. Each member serves a two-year term, and the terms are staggered so each year we welcome new parent and staff members to the team. We meet once a month for two hours to discuss a wide range of topics related to school – everything from academic and social-emotional learning to school culture and parent involvement. We look at our school data to identify trends and look for disproportionality, and we create surveys and evaluation tools to check in on how things are going. We also work together at the beginning of every school year to develop annual goals that make up the heart of an important document called the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP). The School Leadership Team is one of the most important ways that parents are involved in the life of our school – I hope you will consider running!

Though it seems like we just got started, we are somehow approaching the end of the first quarter and so there will be an opportunity to switch learning preferences from fully remote to blended learning at some point next month. The DOE had originally scheduled the enrollment period for the second quarter to be the last week of October, and the first day of the new quarter to be November 16. Given that we had a delayed opening it seems likely that these dates will also be pushed back a bit, but I want to make sure it’s on everyone’s radar. Our numbers in the first quarter have supported a 2-cohort model for blended learning, where each student who comes to school in person is able to come on half the days. If our numbers swing dramatically in either direction in the next quarter we will adapt our model to accommodate the preferences in our school. It’s going to be a lot to reprogram the school each quarter – and for families to potentially have to adjust to new schedules – but being adaptive and flexible is clearly the name of the game this year. As I know more information about the timeline and process for switching learning preferences I will surely let everyone know.

Also, please don’t forget that next week we are having picture days for all of our students in the Tree of Knowing Garden. Cohort B students will have their photos taken on Monday October 26 and Cohort A students will have their photos taken on Tuesday October 27. Cohort D students will have appointment slots on both of those days. If your child is learning fully remotely you can sign up for an appointment here. And please note that on Election Day, November 3, everyone will be learning remotely! Please look out for information from your child’s teacher about schedules for Election Day.

Take care everyone, stay safe and be well.