Looking ahead to September

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Dear EVCS families,

Even though the beginning of this school year feels like ages ago, somehow it’s hard to believe that it’s finally actually coming to an end. And what a year it has been – surely one that none of us will ever forget. Our teachers will be working over the next week and a half to help all of our students arrive at a place of closure on their school year. Despite the challenges of the last few months, there have also been great achievements, joyful experiences and tons of academic and personal growth since September. It’s important that our kids get a chance to reflect on and celebrate their journey and finish the year with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I know that even as we wrap up this school year, on the top of everyone’s mind is what to expect in September. It certainly occupies a lot of my thoughts these days. Although there is still a lot of uncertainty and many, many unanswered questions, we have received some information recently that gives a small window into what the start of next year might look like for us. According to the latest announcements from the Chancellor, schools will be using a “blended learning” approach in September, where all students will spend some of their time learning remotely at home and some of their time learning in person at school. The in person learning would be planned in shifts to allow for social distancing, and although it’s still not clear exactly how this will work, it seems like individual schools will be tasked with coming up with a model that works with the CDC guidelines, takes into account building capacity and enrollment numbers, and also makes sense for their school communities. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be complicated and challenging – but I expect also temporary and a step in the right direction.

If you can join tomorrow morning’s Parents Association meeting at 10:00 I will share whatever details I know about the DOE’s plans for blended learning and specifically how our school is gearing up for it – and I will of course do my best to answer any questions you have, though to be honest I have a million questions of my own. Sorting it all out will take a community effort, and I’m looking forward to beginning that with you tomorrow.

Kind regards,