EVCS Weekly April 13 -17

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is Friday, April 9 – Day 15 of remote learning!

This Week

Monday, April 13-Friday, April 17
Modified Remote Learning Week – Please be sure to visit your child’s Google Classrooms each day – it’s a week of “field trips”!

Monday, April 20 – Friday, April 25
Remote Learning Continues – remember, our start time is 9:30am

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Georga, Kofi & the Butterfly Buddies
It brings me great joy to share this very special treat today created & presented by our own talented parent team Reiko and Camila, Io and Nico’s moms. They said “it always warms one’s heart to see Georga and Kofi in action.” Enjoy this wonderful short film here!

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EVCS Podcast
Thanks to Eric Spence!
The EVCS Podcast is a monthly recap of all the news and events at EVCS.

Attendance Reminders
Each day in Google Classroom, remember to start off by answering the morning question. Answering the question is one way teachers take attendance! If you turn in your work in Google Classroom they will also be able to see that you are successfully interacting. If anyone is still having issues logging in, please reach out to us and we will help you troubleshoot any issues.

NOTE: If you are not engaging in school due to holiday observance, please be sure to let your teachers be aware.


Three free meals are available daily for any New Yorker.
– Find the closest Meal Hub by clicking HERE
– Meals Hubs will operate for children and families from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, and for adults from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, Monday – Friday.
– All adults and children can pick up three meals at one time
– Vegetarian and halal options available at all sites
– Parents and guardians may pick up meals for their children
– No registration or ID required – no one will be turned away 7:30-1:30 M-F.

Letter from DOE & Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

A Message from NYC District 1 Superintendent’s Office
Hello District 1 families,
In order to further support with remote learning, the District 1 Superintendent’s Office has created a page of resources in order to make this transition easier for your family. Please visit the page regularly for updates and Thank you for your commitment and partnership during these tough times.
http://www.district1nyc.com/Community School District 1
consists of public schools, grades Pre-K through 12, in the Lower East Side and East Village communities of Manhattan.
Be well and happy hand-washing.

Celsa Pacheco, Family Leadership Coordinator &
Elvis Marte, Family Support Coordinator

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District 1 Superintendent’s Office
166 Essex Street @ PS 20
Room 126
New York, NY 10002
District 1 website:

If you are a first responder, health care provider, or transit worker
whose child is a NYC resident and you have no other child care option, complete this FORM to begin the enrollment process for the city childcare & enrichment centers

Devices and Wifi Connections.
If you or some you know is still in need of a device to connect your child to Google Classroom, fill out this form for a device, on loan, from the Department of Education: https://coronavirus.schools.nyc/RemoteLearningDevices
Your student ID is required, reach out to teachers or me if you need it.
EVCS is located under The East Village Community School.

If your device is not working please reach out to Liz first to decide if we need to request another device – ewanttaja@schools.nyc.gov


Free Grocery Pick Up – PLENTIFUL
City Harvest is helping to arrange grocery pick up spots for families.
This week they are bringing meals for 700 people to a drop off location near Stuy Town. Families need to download the Plentiful App.
Download the app or text “FOOD” to PANTRY (726-879)
Descarga la aplicación o manda el mensaje “COMIDA” a PANTRY (726-879)
Link to details and directions are here.

Find a Free Meal Location Near You
Free “Grab and Go” meals are available for all New Yorkers.

NYCHA encourages households experiencing a partial loss of income to access their rent hardship program by completing an Interim Recertification via the NYCHA Self-Service Portal or by calling their Property Management Office to request a paper form. If your household experiences a complete loss of income, you may qualify for NYCHA’s Zero Income Policy; call the property management office to set up the required eligibility interview.

Free Crisis Counseling
Free Crisis Counseling as well as additional tips to support parents with managing anxiety and other mental health concerns. Call 844-863-9314 to receive free and confidential emotional support. This link is additional stress and anxiety management techniques during this time.

Applying for NYC Assistance
The City of New York has over 30 different programs you or your family may be eligible for regardless of immigration status and even if you’re already receiving benefits or have a job. The easy tool helps you find out what you are eligible for – from SNAP benefits to help with food to cash benefits to help with rent.

Free 1-on-1 Tutoring and Reading Resources
The New York Public Library is offering free one-on-one tutoring for all households with a library card. Go to the below link for live support in math, science, reading, and writing. They also have free e-books organized by grade level for kids to read at home.

Food Pantry Locations
Many require you to call ahead of time for a reservation, photo ID needed. For more information, go to: https://www.foodbanknyc.org/get-help
Nazareth Housing (Tuesdays 10am-12pm)
206 E 4th Street (212-777-1010)
Primitive Christian Church (Thursdays 10am-12pm)
209 Henry Street (212-791-4590)
Cabrini Immigrant Services (Tuesdays 9:30am-12:30pm)
139 Henry Street (212-791-4590)
Trinity Church (Monday through Friday 12:30pm-1:30pm)
602 E. 9th Street (Text the word “FOOD” to 726-879 (PANTRY) for an appointment)




Looking to share ideas, projects, resources with EVCS families?
Remember to join the EVCS Facebook page where you can post anytime.
This is a closed community page and a great place to share.
Please reach out to [parents@evcsnyc.org (mailto:parents@evcsnyc.org)
with any issues.

To gain access to an array of digital resources, New York residents can apply for a New York Public Library card through SimplyE to gain access to an array of digital resources, including e-books and audiobooks, as well as databases available from home during our period of closure.
Information link to apply is here.


Thank you all for continuing to share great resources, projects, & ideas!

Music Week Days at 11:00 a.m. with Tom Chapin

Free Audible Books https://stories.audible.com/start-listen access free audiobooks for preschoolers through teens. No catches, no credit cards.

Got Milk?
In case you are running out of milk and you have extra old fashioned oats on hand… Make your own Oatmilk!

Reading Olympics Update


Questions?, please kindly reach out to Ariel at arieldeva@gmail.com.
Remember, all students who read books and hand in a reading log, whether or not donations are collected, will get a prize for their wonderful efforts!
Keep reading!! The forms are not due back until we meet back up at school!

New* We Invite everyone to share favorite books here!
A link to this list will be included in the next weekly!

NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Account

NYC Student Account Code letters have been sent to every family.
We want every family to create a School Account. If you need any help with this, please remember to reach out to me, James at jamespc@evcs.me.

Remember we are all here to support you with any issues that come up please reachout to us.

Have fun exploring new places next week, challenge yourselves to discover something new each day and make it the best it can be.

Stay safe and be well.

James Bromberg, Parent Coordinator
Website: evcsnyc.org