Volunteer to help in the lunch room with RECYCLING!

Dear EVCS families,

New York City has a goal to have zero waste go to landfills by 2030. But that means we all have to do our part – including at school too.

Our kids discard lots of things during their time in the cafeteria – nearly all of it recyclable or compostable – but need help properly sorting their items. From compostable lunch trays to food scraps, from empty single-use containers, to milk cartons, there’s a lot to sort!

Please fill out THIS FORM if you are available to be in the cafeteria during our lunch periods (10:45-11:45 a.m.) next week. We are looking for parent volunteers to help our kids properly identify their trash and put it into the proper bins. There are visuals and signs already posted, but a helpful reminder will go a long way in improving our sustainability efforts here at EVCS.

Thank you in advance!
EVCS Green & Wellness