EVCS Weekly, Monday, March 16

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Surviving the time change was an easy hurdle compared to conquering our preoccupation with news & this coronavirus. We are aware this is heavy on many minds and affecting your daily routines and decisions. We hope that everyone is doing what they can and need to, to stay healthy, feel safe and stay calm. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a great resource here.

We will continue to share information as we get it. You can also get the most current information and recent letters that have come from the DOE about Coronavirus here. Please continue to lookout for regular updates from the Chancellor’s office that we receive.

As of Now, School will be Open Monday.
The bus will be running as usual.
Families who choose to keep their children at home, we ask that you send an email to attendance@evcs.me with your child’s name, teacher and reason for staying home. If your child stays home for any Coronavirus-related reasons, please tell us this in the mesasge and the absence will be excused.

In light of all that is happening the Multicultural Share will be postponed.
We are will let you know what the rescheduled date is once things settle down.

A huge thanks to our recycling volunteers who came in this week: Camila
Nina, Paola, Jesse , Nyurca, Shannon, Olympia, Angelica, Cristina, and Sakinah for taking time out of their day to join us at lunch. Home lunch packers are very close to being ZERO waste and with a few small steps every packer could be 100% waste-free!See images below for more inspiration on how to eliminate baggies, or remind kids to bring them home to reuse them.

Let’s take a look at next week and keep in mind that information on the school calendar may be updated as we move through this pandemic.


Next Week

Monday, March 16
Deadline to apply to Pre-K for all children born in 2016!
Apply Online Questions? Email ESEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov

Please bring book donations to the yard for the book exchange/sale table.


NY School Survey

We are going for 100% Parent/Guardian Participation! Due 3/31.

For information about the survey click here.


FREE PICNIC Tee-SHIRT – We need to know your child’s size!
In preparation for the school-wide picnic on June 19th,
please tell us your child’s tee shirt size HERE!


EVCS 2020 Reading Olympics

Keep reading!! The forms are due back Monday, March 30!
Bring Books Monday, March 16 to the “Book Exchange” table in the yard.
Donations and swapping will continue through the month of March on Mondays. For more information about books or the Reading Olympics, please kindly reach out to Ariel at arieldeva@gmail.com.



Please be sure to reach out with details to your teacher(s) and the EVCS attendance team NEW! attendance@evcs.me to let them know when & why your child will not be at school. (No need to email Freddy, Sharon, or others individually anymore!) We value your children and believe their time at school is important! We also need to know where all of our students are every day. Thank you in advance for your continued support.


Check Your Child’s NYC DOE School Account Today!

Your child’s Student ID (also known as an OSIS Number) can be found on the letter from Bradley you received as part of your child’s MidYear Report.


March Menus

Breakfast / Lunch

SchoolFood Menu Apps: OS or Android

DRINK MORE WATER EVERY DAY. Please be sure to remind your kids, as a daily habit, to fill up their bottles at lunch using the refill bottle station in the cafeteria. (Write your child’s name and EVCS on the water bottles too!)

HOME LUNCHERS • Try going for ZERO waste, you are nearly there!

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Family Resources & Events

Congratulations to the EVCS Family Band for bringing home the D1 Battle of the Family Bands trophy! Way to rock the house and win the battle! It was less than a week ago, but seems like forever. Simpler times…
D1 Battle of the Family Bands – Live Recording!

Interesting for kids (and also adults stuck at home)


Social Action

IMG-1345 food scraps

Public Food Scrap Drop-off Site Near School
Located on the southeast corner of 12th Street and Avenue B.
Find More Drop off locations here.
NYC Compost Project Brochure

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Social Action

Remember to follow us and share your news!


EVCS Core Values

Social Action • Kindness • Joy of Learning • Self Awareness • Inclusion


Continue to practice good hygiene, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, I know it is not easy.

Stay informed with facts, and try to make it a restful weekend.
Be safe and stay sane.

As always,

James Bromberg, Parent Coordinator
JamesPC@evcs.me / 212 982 0682 Ext 2053
Website/School Calendar: evcsnyc.org