School Wide Morning Meeting Message 11/04/2019

Dear EVCS Students,

Our core value is social action.

Social action involves identifying things that are wrong in our world and then taking steps to make them better.  There are so many ways individuals, including children, can work to make the world a better place, but one of the best ways is by making a small impact right here in our own community.  And one of the most important issues in our community is food security. Food security is when people have access to enough nutritious food to take care of themselves and their families.  Every person deserves to have enough food to eat, but sadly not everyone does.

We have a tradition at EVCS that every year our school collects cans and boxes of food for our annual Harvest Festival.  The food we collect is then donated to a local soup kitchen that helps to feed people in our neighborhood who don’t have enough to eat.  We want to help address food insecurity in our community. Will you help us collect food for our Harvest Festival?

This year the Harvest Festival will be on Wednesday November 27th.  You can start bringing in food to donate this week. And once again our Harvest Festival procession to Trinity Church soup kitchen and pantry will be led by the EVCS marching band drumline and the EVCS Fish King!        

Thanks so much to our friends in the 1st grade for hosting today, thanks to all of the parents who came this morning, huge thanks to the SWMM house band, and thank you to everyone who sang loud and proud. Have a great day and great week everyone.