PA General Meeting and SLT Elections

Dear EVCS families,

This Wednesday, 9/25/19 (25.9.19) we will have our first general meeting of the Parent Association in the school cafeteria right after drop off (there will be coffee and tea). The two main items on the agenda for this meeting are: voting on the proposed operating budget for the school year and electing 3 new parents to the SLT (School Leadership Team).

Operating Budget
The proposal includes funding for Curriculum Support for our children including Chess, Gardening, Dance, Music, Recess enhancement and more. It also includes funding for School picnic T-shirts, appreciation for school staff members, lice checks, contribution to 5th grade graduation and parent workshops among other things. The full budget proposal will be presented at the meeting.

SLT (School Leadership Team)
We will hold elections for 3 SLT (School Leadership Team) spots. So far, there are 5 parents who have shown interest in joining but every parent can nominate themselves at the morning meeting. This year, in addition to all the great work SLT volunteers are putting into shaping and leading the school, they will also get a chance to take part in preliminary meetings with DOE staff members and PS 34 PTA and SLT members regarding the proposal to merge the two schools.

Meet our SLT nominees:

Luis Cruz
My name is Luis Cruz and I have two children of which the oldest, Maximilian, is currently in 1st grade, and on his 3rd year at EVCS.

It’s been a few decades since I was a NYC public school student myself. While I engineer complex data delivery networks, I am relatively new to the multiplex system of a public school.
For me, the most rewarding aspects of becoming a SLT member is, to be actively involved in the collaboration, discussions, and explorations as means of continuing to improve the EVCS experience for our young learners, parents, and staff.

Erica Fontana
My name is Erica Fontana. I am a mother to a 2nd and 4th grader at EVCS and a proud New York City public school educator of over 15 years. I was born and raised in The East Village and have taught at East Side Community High School (District 1) for over a decade as a 6th grade reading and writing teacher, SLT member, teacher mentor and grade team leader. My life loves are my own children, other people’s children, and education. They are what bring me joy and purpose. As an SLT member at EVCS, I believe I can bring valuable insights to the leadership team and engage in the dialogue from several different perspectives. This is the best way I believe I can give back to EVCS.

Michael Kim
I am a Detroit-born, SoCal-raised, 20+ year New Yorker. I work as a television director for ABC News. My son Otis is a 2nd grader in Rebecca and Marlo’s class. Our family is a bilingual (English and German) and biracial (white and Korean) household. We live in Chinatown but were turned off by achievement/performance-focused schools; instead, we were drawn to EVCS’ mission and core values. After one year of getting acquainted with EVCS (Otis went to kindergarten at Little Mish) I am excited to get more involved in our school’s pedagogy and culture.

Shabnam Faruki
My name is Shabnam Faruki, and my son is in Kindergarten at EVCS. I am running for a position on the SLT because I am passionate about education policy and dedicated to equity and diversity in our public schools. I work as a social justice lawyer at Brooklyn Legal Services. My office provides free legal representation to low-income New Yorkers, and I am the director of our foreclosure prevention unit, which represents people who are facing abusive or discriminatory practices by banks and other powerful corporate entities. Like most of you, I love EVCS’s core values, and my work has me thinking daily about kindness, inclusion, and social action.

I am committed to striving for high standards, fairness, and continued improvement for our amazing school. I have lived in District 1 for over ten years and am eager to see our school and neighborhood provide a stable and joyful environment for our children. As an advocate and manager, I would bring strong writing, problem-solving, and organizational skills to the SLT. As a supervisor and team leader, I am experienced at identifying internal trends and areas for improvement, and striving for better performance and outcomes. I love working with others to brainstorm new ideas and approaches, and I am always happy to advocate internally and externally for good ideas.

Finally, I believe the SLT is interested in diversifying its team. Having just joined the school, I don’t yet know how well it represents the school body, but I believe that I would add ethnic and cultural diversity to the SLT. I am a progressive Muslim, born and raised in New York, of Indian and Pakistani descent. My husband and I are from different countries and religious backgrounds. Our family praises multiculturalism and difference of all kinds. It is this value, along with a deep commitment to social equity and inclusion, that I will bring to the SLT.

Crystal Perry
Mother of Alissa in 4th grade will be on hand in person to present herself at the meeting Wednesday morning.

See you Wednesday at the meeting and Saturday at the picnic,

Carol, Catharine, Choresh, Heather, Marla, Nina, Nina, Travis, Wes, Yuri
PA Executive board