School Wide Morning Meeting Message 5/20/19

Dear EVCS students,


Thanks to everyone who came to FleaVCS on Saturday!  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time rummaging through the clothes and finding treasures, enjoying treats from the bake sale, fixing up our bicycles, listening to the EVCS drum line and a special performance by the giant puppet making team.  This event, which we hope to make an annual tradition, was organized in the spirit of taking care of our environment and upcycling – which is a word that means repurposing or reusing old things instead of throwing them out.

And this morning many of us met up at the North or South ends of our district to ride our bicycles to school together in a show of support for a dedicated bike lane on Avenue B. Our core value is social action and this is what it looks like!

Who else thought that today’s sing along song choices were especially good?  Well, they were chosen by a very important person – our Principal for the Day, 1st Grader Kairos Yoon!  Principal for the Day will actually take place next week on Tuesday – but I wanted to introduce you to Kairos today and let him to tell you all about his special rules for the day next Tuesday.

Hi everyone – my name is Kairos and I will be your Principal for the Day next Tuesday.  We will have three special rules that I chose. The rules will go into effect next Tuesday morning May 28 at 8:30 and will expire on Tuesday afternoon at 2:50.  


The first rule is…

In a nod to last year’s Principal for the Day, everyone chews gum!  I’ll bring each class a bunch of gum on Tuesday morning.  You’re also

welcome to bring your own.








The second rule is:

Donuts for all!

I’ll come around to classes in the afternoon with munchkins.








And finally, at recess, I will be your DJ at an  optional

Recess Dance Party!









Thanks to the EVCS Drum Line, thanks as always to the SWMM House Band, and thanks to everyone who sang loud and proud this morning.   


Have a great day and a great week.




Principals Bradley and Kairos