School Wide Morning Meeting Message 5/6/19

Dear EVCS students,

First, let’s all officially welcome Terry back to school!    

What a great time we had at the Multicultural Share on Friday night!   The delicious food representing so many of our families’ cultures and traditions shared with our whole community, and the excellent performances make it one of my favorite EVCS events year after year.  Thanks again to everyone who brought food to share, to the brave kids who shared their talents, and to all of you who were such an encouraging and supportive audience. I thought this year’s was one of the best one we have had in a long time.

This Friday is the Notes in Motion Poetry Carnival!  At 5pm families can sign in and grab some dinner in the cafeteria.  Then from 5:30 until 7:00 the fun begins. We’ll be dancing and moving along with the Amanda Selwyn Dance Company, to the poetry of well-known poets as well as our EVCS Poetry contest winners!  So many of our classes have been reading and writing poetry over the last month, and this Friday we’ll be celebrating poetry together through dance. I hope you can join us!

One final announcement. We have been noticing that the newly plants bushes and shrubs in the schoolyard along the fence have been getting really damaged, with lots of broken branches.  PLEASE be careful not step on those bushes or break the branches off. Let’s take care of our school environment!

Thanks as always to the SWMM House Band, and thanks to everyone who sang loud and proud this morning.   

Have a great day and a great week.