School Wide Morning Meeting Message 4/15/19

Dear EVCS students,

Our core value is Joy of Learning – and one of the places that we see this core value on display regularly is in chess class with Stephanie and Yuri.  

We love chess because it’s not only fun, but it helps us exercise our brains in really important ways.  When we play chess we have to start with a plan for how we are going to move the pieces, but then depending on how our opponent moves we need to update our plan throughout the game.  This is complex problem solving, because the information is constantly changing.

Chess is also really great practice with persistence, because we need to stay focused throughout the game, sometimes for a long time.  And it’s a great way to practice good sportsmanship. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t! As long as you tried your best and had fun you can feel proud.  

We just finished our second ever EVCS chess tournament, and I am happy to say that almost twice as many kids participated this year than last year!  We were so impressed with the intelligence, sportsmanship, and heart our kids demonstrated throughout the tournament.  And now to tell us more about the tournament and officially announce the results is our PE teacher and chess tournament organizer, Coach Eric.

Congratulations again to all the chess tournament participants.  Thanks to the 3rd grade for hosting SWMM today, thanks as always to the SWMM House Band, and thanks to everyone who sang loud and proud this morning.   

Have a great day and a great week.