FleaVCS Needs You!

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FleaVCS Needs You!

Dear EVCS Families,

Do you have a bag of clothes waiting to be donated? Have you gotten out the summer clothes only to realize they no longer fit? Did you get on a Marie Kondo kick recently and empty out your wardrobe? Good news….

On May 18th we will be holding FleaVCS, an adult and kids clothing swap as well as a bike and scooter swap! Free to enter, $10 to fill a bag with clothes – all are welcome and proceeds go to the EVCSPA. We will also have the EVCS drum line, recycled art projects and puppets and food vendors!


We realize that there may be a lot of questions, see the FAQ below.

Sparking Joy,
The Fundraising Team


Where and when is this event taking place?
In the EVCS yard on 12th street between Ave B and Ave C on Saturday May 18th at 12 noon – 4PM

What donations are you looking for?
Clean kids and adult clothes, belts and hand bags in good shape. Also scooters and bikes of all sizes (better if they work, if they need small repairs bring them and we will try to have them fixed on the spot).

How will the bike and scooter swap work?
It’s like that change bowl you see at the register sometimes that says “have a penny, leave a penny, need a penny, take a penny”. So, it’s not a perfect one to one swap, only bring bikes and scooters you want to get rid of. If you are looking for something you can let us know and we will try to find it for you but no guarantees.

My closets are literally busting at the seems, when can I drop donations off?
We are sorry, ours are too, just a bit longer… drop offs will begin on May 13th in the yard – you can donate during school drop off and pick up for the entire week or you can bring donations on the day of the event.

Will this be a free event?
Yes, free to enter and $10 to fill a bag to the brim with clothes. We will be selling recycled paper bags or you can bring your own bag to fill. All proceeds go to the EVCS PA.

Can I bring shoes?
Um, no – that just gets too complicated and heavy. Sorry. But please recycle your shoes.

Can I bring toys or furniture or other stuff?
No, please leave that at home too.

What will the kids do during the day of the event?
They can help find and sort clothes, play on the playground, work on recycled art projects, listen to the drum line, interact with large paper mache puppets,… will be fun!

What if it rains?
It still happens, we will just move it indoors to cafeteria, auditorium and lobby.

Can people outside of EVCS donate and come?
Yes, we want this to be a community event! Please help us spread the word.

This is so cool, can I help?
Yes, we will need lots of volunteers starting at 10AM to help us sort the clothes on the morning of the event – please email fundraising@evcsnyc.org to let us know if you can help.