Reading Olympic 2019 – PRINCIPAL’S CHALLENGE

Dear EVCS Fam,

Hopefully, you have seen the information that has gone about the annual reading Olympics, and your kids have started to hustle your friends, neighbors and family members for pledges. This is a great way to raise some funds for the PA while also encouraging our kids to read lots of books. And for the second year in a row we will be issuing the “Principal’s Challenge” to encourage students to read books by a diverse array of authors, and books that feature characters and topics that reflect a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. The sponsor sheet asks for students to log in 10 books (grades PK-2) or 10 hours (Grades 3-5) between now and the end of the month. All students who participate in the Reading Olympics will get a prize, but students who log in more than half of their list with diverse books will get an extra special prize! On the sponsor sheet simply highlight the books that honor and reflect the experience of LGBTQIA, Native people, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities, and ethnic, cultural and religious minorities. Here is a great resource to find recommendations for excellent, diverse books.