School Wide Morning Meeting Message 1/7/19

January 7, 2019

Dear EVCS Students,

Welcome to the first School-Wide Morning Meeting of 2019!  In two weeks we will have a day off from school to observe Martin Luther King Day.  Every year at this time I like to remember who Martin Luther King was, what he accomplished and why he was so important.  Martin Luther King Jr. was a true hero of our country and someone who embodied all of our core values at EVCS.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement if the 1950’s and 1960’s.  He fought to bring racial justice and equity to this country.

Martin Luther King Jr. lived during a time in America when people were treated very differently according to their skin color. Martin believed that all people should be treated kindly, fairly and equally, no matter what color skin they have.  He fought very hard for civil rights in America, and he was a great leader who used non-violence to bring about change, social justice and racial equity. He was a great role model!

In two weeks when we have the day off from school, let’s all try to honor Martin Luther King Jr. in some way.  I’d love to hear about how you choose to do it!

Thanks, as always, to  the amazing EVCS SWMM House Band!  And thanks to everyone who joined us today and sang loud and proud.  Have a great day.