Exciting news…

Dear All,

We are so close to our goal but we need your help to get all the way there. And from now until the end of the year we have an amazing incentive – a generous anonymous donor has offered to match all donations through Dec 31st up to $4,000. So when you donate $250, our school gets $500. Donate $50 and we get $100. This is the moment – If you haven’t made a donation yet or haven’t passed it on to your family now is the time!


It is our generous family community that makes it possible to have a marching band lead the way at the Harvest Festival, to have our kids dancing with Alvin Ailey and singing at Carnegie Hall. And there is so much more…. like did you know that it’s the Parent Association that pays for periodic school-wide lice checks? We do and trust us, you want that. So make your donation today!

Thank you,
EVCS Fundraising Committee