School Wide Morning Meeting Message 10/1/2018

October 1, 2018

Dear EVCS Students,

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend!  Today is the first day of October, which means that colder temperatures and falling leaves are right around the corner.  Give a thumbs up if fall is your favorite season.

Next Monday school will be closed in honor of Columbus Day.  Columbus Day commemorates Christopher Columbus arriving in North America over 500 years ago.  People generally give Christopher Columbus credit for being the first European to come to America.  But here’s a fun fact: He was lost!  Columbus was actually looking for India when he arrived in America!

Here’s another fact: There were millions and millions of people living here in America before Columbus arrived – the Native Americans or American Indians.  The Native Americans who lived here in New York City were called the Lenape.  They lived in dome houses called wigwams, or sometimes big families lived in longhouses.  The Lenape were great hunters and fishermen and they grew vegetables, like corn, beans and squash, which they called the Three Sisters.  Our 2nd graders and 4th graders learn all about the Lenape in Social Studies.

Some states have started recognizing the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples Day, or Native American Day instead of Columbus Day.  When we have a day off next weekend please take a moment to honor the original Americans, too.

Big thanks so much to all of the parents who came this morning, huge thanks to the SWMM house band, and thank you to everyone who sang loud and proud. Have a great day and great week everyone.