IMPORTANT General PA Meeting This Wed. Yahoo / Inbox

Hello EVCS Parents,

This year’s final regular General PA meeting is Wed. May 23rd 8:40AM. It will be held in David and Clara’s Kindergarten Classroom, on the 2nd floor.

On the Agenda:


We will be voting for next year’s Executive Board officers: President, Treasurer, Secretary. I hate to get all dire, but if these positions are not filled the Parents Association will have to fold, as in, cease to exist. We need people to step up and nominate themselves! Especially for President.

If you have questions please contact the current officers ( , , ) or the Nominating Committee or James.

Meet and Hear from District 1 Superintendent, Carry Chan!

Our new District Superintendent, Carry Chan, will be at our meeting to introduce herself and to hear from us parents at EVCS. Specifically she is eager to hear our thoughts about D1 middle schools, and what an “ideal” middle school would look like to our families.

This is a fantastic chance to let the Superintendent know what is important to you and what would be most desirable in a middle school. This is an especially great opportunity for families with 5th, 4th and 3rd grade students. Here are some things to think about before Wednesday’s meeting:

What criteria are you looking at when you are considering middle school choices for your student/family. And what are the most important features/ aspects of a middle school that you consider?
Of the middle schools you’ve explored, what makes them attractive/ unattractive? What makes a school a #1 choice?
Are there schools you won’t consider? Why not? What are some things that concern you?
Are there public schools outside of District 1 that are appealing or excite you? If so, why?
What does our District need more of? (try and be specific)

Even if you haven’t started thinking about or explored middle schools yet, your thoughts still matter!

Take advantage of this opportunity to let the DOE know what kind of school you would like for your child!


We will be voting on next year’s proposed budget and an adjustment to this year’s budget.

AfterSchool Survey!

Have you filled yours out, yet?


Yes, hot coffee and tea.