General PA Meeting Re-cap from 2/14/18


Thank you to all the parents who came! Get comfy, here is a re-cap of most of the stuff we talked about…

The Battle of the District 1 Bands is ON!

Get your sitter lined up, ‘cause on March 4th at the New Time: 4:30-7:30PM EVCS’s Family Band will be going up against 3 other District 1 family Bands for the title, trophy and glory! The event will be held at Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey. Tickets $20. 21+. (Proceeds will be split between the participating band’s schools.) Buy Tickets here

The 3 School New Bottle Filling Water Fountain Project took a great leap forward.

On Tuesday of this week the three schools’ building wellness committee met with a CWS parent and former DEP deputy commissioner to discuss water and fountain options. He offered a great deal of insight and information about NYC water quality, talked about potential sources of lead in water and gave clarity to the filtered vs unfiltered discussion. It was a relief to learn that NYC continues to have some of the cleanest municipal water in the world (!) and that the risk of a child getting lead poisoning or even elevated lead in their system from drinking water from any NYC public building is basically nil. The committee agreed that we will adjust our objective and pursue getting unfiltered units installed. Since the DOE and DEP considered filtered units unnecessary and are actually against installing them in schools, our requisite for them was holding us up. Changing the type of station we are trying get here removes a big obstacle to getting them!

Our next steps? CWS is applying, on behalf of all 3 schools, to the Manhattan Borough President’s Office Capitol Improvement Fund for a grant to replace 10 water fountains in our building with both bottle filling and bubbler units; there are currently 12 bubblers in the building. Eager to get moving on this, EVCS’ Wellness committee is researching whether we can get some stations installed in a few select locations sooner rather than wait to see if the grant comes through. The PA has already approved funds to buy several units, but we will need to confirm that the DOE will install them. Stayed tuned!

PA After-School Advisory Committee (re)forming.

Due to a great deal of frustration with After School we will be creating the PA AfterSchool Advisory. To start, the general purpose for the committee will be to define and categorize the problems with AfterSchool and to come up with potential fixes and repairs. All interested parents are encouraged to join, whether your children are currently enrolled in MMCC’s after school or not. Lara will be the chair, thank you Lara! First meeting will be soon after the break. Email to join:

Start Soliciting Donations for the Spring Gala Auction!

This year’s Spring Auction Gala a.k.a. the “Free To Be…” Gala, will be held April 28th at St Mary’s Church on Grand St. The time is now! to begin amassing great silent auction items. Donation letter and forms available here Regular gala planning meetings will begin after the winter break.

No Standing Zone in front of school.

If you use a car to or from school, please do not stop in the area in front of the building that is designated a “No Standing. Loading Zone”. This area is needed for the school buses and emergency vehicles. If there are cars parked or stopped in this area, the busses can’t pull over, and thus don’t turn off their engines, creating a blocked, dangerous E.12th street and adding to air pollution. We will be putting friendly reminder notes on the building staff cars that are parked there, in the effort to keep the area (and the air) clear.

The Diversity Committee and Diverse Class Libraries Initiative will announce a meeting to be held in March.

To join the Diversity Committee Listserv:

Movie Night II: another great success! This win-win fundraiser brought in another $950 to help pay for all sorts of great things the PA supports at school. Thank you to the parents who helped out, especially Sharon Blumenkranz! Stay tuned for Part III (this time it’s personal)

Parent Coordinator, James announced a few school events coming up:

•Notes in Motion’s Performance & Family Dance Workshop is Saturday, March 3rd. Info and RSVP here.

•Parent Math Workshop at EVCS: Saturday Morning, March 24th. Childcare will be available

•Parent Surveys will need to be filled out quickly this year. The anonymous surveys will be given to us at our Parent-Teacher conferences in March (in a green envelope). Surveys can be fill out online, but you need the unique code number written on the physical survey. Like every year, we are going for 100% participation!

Bradley’s overview of NY State Testing

If you want more info on the Standardized Tests given to 3rd- 8th graders go to then under “common core” drop down menu, scroll to to “Common Core Assessments”. Basic FAQ sheet from the school here. Or check the meeting minutes when they’re posted after the break.

Are you still reading this?

If you are, you are a champ!

Full Meeting Minutes will be posted on the EVCS Website after the break,

Our next General PA meeting will be Wednesday March 28th.

Wishing you a fantastic winter break!

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