Help us reach our goal!

EVCS-Thermo 27 465

Dear All,

Thank you to everyone who made a donation. Our thermometer is moving… but we still have a long way to go!

For those who have not yet donated, we want to remind you of a few things to provide some motivation:

1. For the past several years class parents were asked to raise funds for their classroom, this was called Sponsor a Classroom. The result was that some classrooms were routinely over funded and others struggled. This seemed unfair so starting this year all classrooms will receive $1,000 from the PA. That means, no more asks after shares. It also means that donating to the PA will directly support pipe cleaners and googly eyes and field trips for your child.
2. Were you pleasantly surprised when you got the welcome letter from teachers in August and saw that there were very few supplies you needed to purchase? That is because the supplies were purchased in bulk for each class. And even though August seems like a million years ago at this point, we hope you will pay forward these savings to the PA.
Please contribute today

Need more motivation? Click HERE to check out all the awesome enrichment programs that the PA provides for your kids every day.

Thank you for your support,
Nina & Nandi