School Wide Morning Meeting Message 10/30/2017

Dear EVCS Students,

It was so much fun to see so many of you in your costumes on Saturday at our annual Fall Ball!  Somehow the Fall Ball continues to get better and better every year, and it’s all thanks to the amazing parents of the East Village Community School.  So much effort goes into this event, and I want to recognize some of the people who worked very hard to make it happen. So many parents volunteered their time, too many to name all of them, but it could not have happened without the following individuals: Sharon Blumenkranz, Marta Polo, Catharine Lyons, Marla Rosenthal, Pippa Barak, Anne Buovolo, Tazeen Raza, Julie Lansky, Crystal Perry, LaraLipof, Buzz Evers, Emily Goodman, Ron Bromberg, Gunti Singh, Cresta Kruger, Tristan Waldroop, Alessandra Carbone, and Nina Ablan.  A Huge shout out to Erik Frank for the amazing Haunted Hallway, and to Hagit Schwartz and Noel Saltzman for orchestrating the entire event.

Our core value is Kindness.

Kind people show concern for others, for our school and for the environment.  Kindness can be demonstrated through compassion, empathy, generosity, and service.  Kindness is maybe the most important thing to have in a community.  It is one of the qualities in a person that I value the most.

While we all work on becoming kinder people here at school, it’s important that everyone in our school community understand our policy on bullying.  Bullying is very serious and we can never, let it happen here at EVCS.  Here is how we define bullying at our school:

Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.


We have four special school rules just for bullying:

-We will not bully others.
-We will try to help students who are bullied.
-We will try to include students who are left out.
-If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

We introduced this definition and these rules for bullying to all of our students last year, and this year we will be going deeper into this work.  One aspect that I want everyone to focus on this year is the role that bystanders play in bullying.  There are always people other than the ones doing the bullying or being bullied who witness it happening.  They might be friends with the person doing the bullying, or they might be scared and just thankful that they are not the ones being bullied. We want all students at EVCS to feel empowered to do something to stop bullying behavior.  It might mean standing up and saying something while it’s happening, or it might mean telling an adult later.  Whatever it is, make sure you do what you can. We take care of each other in our community and will never allow anyone in our school to be bullied!


Thanks so much to our amazing EVCS Clarinet Ensemble for sharing their work this morning!  Thanks to the SWMM house band!  Thanks to our parents for joining us this morning, and thanks everyone for signing loud and proud.  Have a great day.