School Wide Morning Meeting Message 10/2/2017

Dear EVCS Students,

Welcome back!  It’s great to be with all of you again for our second School-Wide Morning Meeting of the year.  Our weeks get so busy, it’s really nice to spend this time, all of us together as one community, singing joyful songs and reflecting on our core values.

Last week we visited many of your classes with our school comfort dog, Lola.  Give me a quiet thumbs up if we visited your class with Lola.  If we haven’t visited with Lola yet, we will this week for sure!  Lola really seems to love meeting all the students in our school, and I think she is starting to love her new job as EVCS comfort dog.  Now, I have a request for all of you.  You will see us with Lola in the hallways very often.  We know you will want to say hi to Lola but we need to ask that you do that by waving a quiet hello.  Please don’t leave your class line to pet Lola!

Our core value is social action/social justice.

Students, many of you already know about the series of hurricanes that came through the Caribbean, Texas and Florida over the last few weeks.  While those hurricanes may not have affected us in New York directly, so many of us have family members and loved ones in those places whose lives have been disrupted and impacted by the hurricanes.  Right now there are millions of people in Puerto Rico who are suffering with no electricity, limited food and water supplies, and damaged homes and property.  We need to help them if we can!  Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be collecting much needed supplies and dropping them off at a local fire station to be sent to our friends in PR.

I wonder what else we can do as a school community. Please take time in each of your classes this week to think and talk about what is happening in Puerto Rico.


I want to thank the SWMM House Band –  especially our special guest today, Noga’s grandpa who played the accordion!  And by the way, if anyone else is interested in sitting in with the band – please know that there is an open invitation to join in!  We are a very inclusive band, and most of our songs consist of three chords.  Just let me know.

Thanks to all of the parents who took the time to join us this morning.  It’s like I always say, the school that sings together, stays together, so please keep coming!

Have a great day and a great week everyone.