General PA (and Fall Ball) meeting Recap

Hi EVCS Families,

In case you had to miss our General PA meeting last Wed. (and the quick Fall Ball meeting after) here’s a recap:

We approved our 2017-18 PA Budget!
This year the PA will be helping fund so many great things at school. The South Street Seaport Partnership, the Recess enhancement program, Dancing classrooms, Chess, Alvin Ailey, Rock Band and much more. Also a big change this year, the PA will be funding the individual Classroom Accounts (aka SAC) which will pay for each classroom’s in-class project work and field trips. In previous years these accounts were funded directly by the classes’ families, this year all classrooms will be funded equitably by the whole PA. This is lining up to be a great and exciting year for our kids!

That said, we, the PA, are called upon to raise these funds. We will do this through direct family contributions, grade-wide bake sales, our fun annual Events, grant applications and other smaller fundraising ventures. We discussed at the meeting that the best way to contribute directly to the Family Fund is by check (or online bank transfer), to save on fees.

We also want to remind families that whether or not you are able to contribute money, the PA always needs contributions of your input, time and sweat equity at all of our events and sales. There are many many ways to help support our school.

We elected 4 new members to our School Leadership Team and we voted in a Co-Treasurer.
Thank you to Anne Buovolo, Cresta Kruger, Melanie Kletter, and Katie Pawluk for joining the SLT this year and representing all of us parents. And thank-you to Kama Geary for stepping up to help with the PA book-keeping!

Help for Puerto Rico.
On Tuesday and Wednesday (10/3 & 10/4) of this week EVCS will be collecting much needed goods for Puerto Rico.
Please bring donations of Diapers • Baby Food • Batteries • First Aid Supplies • Feminine hygiene products. *Only new and unopened items can be accepted. Parent volunteers (Ron B. and Jenny K.) will be stationed with vehicles near the double gates at the end of the closed school yard, towards Avenue C. Once collected, donations will be brought to the Fire House on East 2nd Street.

Capital Fund
Due to some serious kicking bt fundraising in recent and past years, the PA has some money to spend on school-wide, longer term, capital improvements and/ or purchases. We welcome ideas on how to spend this money that will last several years and benefit a wide swath of our EVCS students (specifically can not be used for PA running expenses). Some examples of recent PA purchases are: reusable robotics kits, chipping in for the ToK Garden Irrigation system, and (under a multi year project), we have set aside money for new filtered, bottle-filling water fountains (just waiting for the city to give the go ahead). Please email ideas to And we will be organizing a meeting to discuss our options.

There are many great committees within the PA. Please check the School website for the list and email to join up. Some are already gearing up for the year:

The Fundraising Committee will be holding their first meeting this Friday (10/6) just after drop-off. Meet chairs Nina and Nandi in the lobby.

The Fall Ball this year is Saturday Oct. 28th.
The kick-off meeting was held just after the PA meeting (see below for more details). The next meeting is Wednesday AM (10/4) just after drop-off in the lobby.
It’s not too late to join us and help. You don’t have to be in the meetings, you can also volunteer your time on the day of the event. Please sign-up here
Due to the work in the school yard, this year’s Fall Ball will need to be adjusted and adapted. The events committee needs lots of creative people helping with the planning and, of course, like every year, we will need even more parents to help with set-up, running the event and clean-up.

The Diversity Committee this year will focus on “How to talk to you child about Race” with workshops and discussion group. We encourage everyone interested to sign up for the Diversity list-serve and join the committee.

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the meeting. The energy and devotion of the parents of EVCS is eternally inspiring! Also thank you to Michele Obama for stopping by with all the baby bunnies to play with.

Next General PA meeting is Wednesday Oct. 25th 5:30-7:30pm

See you soon!
The PA Executive Board

Notes from Fall Ball Meeting 9/27:

Events Committee Chairs are Hagit, Noel and Anne
Thank you everyone who joined us at the Fall Ball 1st meeting!
Here’s a recap:

1. We discussed ideas for the general location of activities;
• Cafeteria – food, beverage, canteen? and tables and seats for dining. Entrance tables?
• Tree of knowing garden – fun house / obstacle course and trick or treating doors. OR Bouncy House type thing
• Auditorium – games and possible bouncy house or other kids amusement. OR fun house / obstacle course and trick or treating doors
• Lobby – welcome table/ticket sale, crafts, dancing space with DJ. Canteen? Entrance to Haunted house? Photo Booth?
• 2nd floor hallway – haunted house.
2. We discussed food ideas. Food is one of the main money makers of the event. The options are:
• Solicit restaurants / caterers to donate food or sell for cost/ discounted. We offer in return to promote donor.
• Pot-Luck with a limited menu. I.E. Ask parents to bring in specific menu items. ex: trays of mac-n-cheese, hotdogs, salad etc.
• Buy Pizza and resell.
• Parent Pot-Luck bake-sale (in addition to above options)
We should also ask parents to donate to the “Canteen” (through class parents). Items such as apples, bananas, popcorn, healthy snack bars and drinks.
• Perhaps hire a cotton candy machine?
3. We made a preliminary list of groups/ areas and volunteered leaders to focus on these specific areas:

1. Decorations – Cresta
2.Music – Cresta.
3. Crafts – Tazeen and James Bromberg.
4. Games – Crystal and Marla.
5. Haunted House – Tristan, Erik and Asa.
6. Food – Sharon Bloomenkranz
7. Floor Plan/Flow – Anne Buovolo
8. Pool of volunteers for the entire event, ticket sales, including setup and cleanup – Hagit
9. Fun Course and Trick or Treat house – Catharine
10. Canteen
11. Raffle
12. Bouncy House
13. Photo Booth
More Leaders needed!

15. Important Things!
• No food in the auditorium. We need to discourage food and drinks being brought into the auditorium.
• No trace left after the haunted house. No permanent holes, hooks etc.
• Consider hiring clean up crew?
• While not our biggest money maker FB needs to bring in $5000

Next Fall Ball Meeting is Wednesday, October 4, after drop off in the lobby.

We’ll start with a short recap and move on to work in smaller groups. Please recruit your fellow parents-friends to your groups and ask them to join our next meeting.

It’s not too late to join us and help. You don’t have to be in the meetings, you can also volunteer your time on the day of the event. Please sign-up here

Thank you,

Anne, Noel and Hagit