First General PA meeting this Wednesday, 9/27/2017

Hello EVCS Families,

This Wednesday (9/27) will be our first General PA meeting of the year! If you have a child enrolled at EVCS, YOU are a member of the PA, Congratulations!

Our meeting is 8:45am to 10 (ish), in the auditorium.

We have a great deal to do this first meeting and, as always, need everybody’s ideas, voice and vote.

Some of the big fun things on our agenda are:

• Review and Approve our 2017-18 Budget

• Nominate, Meet and Elect 4 parent members to the SLT* Interested parents can nominate themselves or be nominated by another. We will ask each nominee to introduce and briefly speak about themselves at the meeting. email with questions

• Vote to fill Exec. Board Vacancies and Introduction of the many PA Committees and Events at EVCS. (see below below)

We’d also like to take this chance to encourage families to contribute to our PA General Fund. We ask for $650 per family, but truly any amount, big or small, is needed and much much appreciated. The PA fund supports each and every child at EVCS. We help fund many of the great enrichment programs and partnerships, like the South Street Seaport partnership, Chess, Dancing Classrooms, our recess enhancement program and much more! We support each and every classroom by funding their SAC accounts, paying for in-class project work and field trips. A check –made out to The PA of EVCS– is the best way to provide fee-free bang for the buck, or donate online here. And all donations to the PA are tax deductible.

But whether or not you are able to contribute financially we need you to join in and get involved. There are a gazillion non- financial ways to help us support the school. Starting with coming to our PA meeting. We can’t do this without you! See you Wednesday,

Warmest Regards,

The PA Executive Board

PS. Immediately following the PA meeting there will be a very quick Fall Ball Planning.

And yes! Coffee and tea available to glug down in the lobby 8:25-:45am.

*The School Leadership Team is a NY State mandated panel of elected parents and teaching staff that meets once a month throughout the school year to discuss and develop EVCS’ “Comprehensive Educational Plan”. This year SLT meets the 3rd Thursday of every month from 3:30-5:30pm and the elected parent positions are 2 year terms.

From the DOE website:
SLTs’ roles in schools: The core responsibility of each SLT is to develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) that is aligned with the school-based (DOE) budget . SLTs are strongly encouraged to solicit input from various school community constituencies in order to ensure that all voices are heard regarding the needs of students. Functioning in a collaborative manner, SLTs also help to evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement. SLTs receive support and guidance as needed from their District Leadership Teams. For more information about SLTs, click here.

EVCS Committees:

Arts Programming- Recruits for, and also includes members of, the EVCS Family Band. Can suggest and help bring extra-curricular arts and music programming to EVCS.

Building and Facilities- Works with the building manager and the 2 other schools in the building to improve and manage the facilities. Currently working with the Green committee on their water fountain and sound abatement initiates.

Class Parents- The collective of individual class parents.

Communications- Helps maintain the PA section of school’s website and Facebook page. Helps facilitate the flow of PA information in all forms and media.

Community Action- Keeps EVCS parents abreast and organized when it comes to actions going on in the greater educational system and neighborhood community.

Diversity- Considers and supports the many different voices, cultures and peoples that makes up EVCS. Seeks to encourage inclusivity and respect for all members of our school community. Also helps with school outreach to the greater District 1 community.

Events: Our main vehicle for mixing fun and fundraising.

-Fall Ball – Harvest / Halloween Carnival held this year on Saturday Oct. 28th. First planning meeting is right after the PA meeting. All hands on deck!

-Winter Jubilee- Mid winter Adults night-out. Always a raging good time

-Spring Gala and Auction- Our biggest fundraising event. Held in the spring, but planning starts in December. Everyone can help by soliciting / donating items to be auctioned off.

Fundraising and Grants – Manages direct fundraising push, including for the PA family fund. Researches and applies for Grants.

Green and Wellness- Considers and takes actions to improve the school quality and health for all our children with an emphasis on green and eco friendly initiatives. This year in collaboration with the buildings committee, we continue to push to replace the water fountains and install sound abatement measures in the lunchroom.