See you soon!

Dear EVCS Family,

I hope you have all had a fabulous summer filled with family time, sunshine, eclipses and fun! Our family got to spend a bit of time in Greece where we swam in the Mediterranean Sea, relaxed under the olive trees, ate lots of feta, and explored antiquity. See below for the #nofilter family Greek selfie.

IMG 6361

And now as we bid farewell to August we are getting all of our ducks in a row here at EVCS for another outstanding school year. As usual, there are a bunch of exciting new initiatives that you will be hearing about in detail over the coming weeks and at Curriculum Night (September 19, mark your calendars), but I’ll give you a few headlines here to get psyched up about. So as not to bury the lede, I’ll start with the important information on logistics for the first days of school, and get to the exciting stuff after.

Although the groundbreaking was later than we expected, renovations are now well under way in our schoolyard. We’ll be inconvenienced in the short term, but before winter comes (not a GoT reference) we will have an incredible new schoolyard for our recess as well as arrival and dismissal. In the meantime, all of our kids will have recess every day in Sauer Park on 12th Street. Our arrival and dismissal will be significantly impacted, as follows:
Until we have our schoolyard back we will not offer free play time before the school day starts at 8:30. Therefore, please try to drop your child off at school as close to 8:30 as possible unless your child will be eating breakfast at school. Breakfast starts at 8:00 in the cafeteria.
We will also not have access to the cafeteria door by the ramp during construction as we had hoped! Therefore, until further notice all EVCS students will enter and exit the building through the main entrance and lobby. CWS will use the middle doors and go directly into the auditorium and P94 will use the far set of doors facing 12th Street and go directly into the cafeteria. Arrival and dismissal will go smoothly and safely if each school use these separate, designated entrances.
Students must be dropped off directly in their classrooms. Older students may walk up on their own from the lobby once they get used to the new (and temporary) routine. Parents are also welcome to accompany their child to their classrooms.
Dismissal will follow the same routine. Parents can enter/exit through the lobby and pick their children up directly in their classrooms.

Once we have our schoolyard back in action we will go back to our regular procedures and routines for arrival and dismissal. Please bear with us in the meantime.

And some inspiring things to look forward to…

EVCS has always had a commitment to social/emotional learning, and this year we are expanding on our approach in a couple of important ways. In addition to having our very own full-time guidance counselor for the first time ever, our school was accepted to be a part of special program where we will have a “comfort dog” in the school. That’s right, EVCS is getting a DOG! Woo hoo! This innovative program will help our students become kind, empathetic resilient, and responsible people. You can read more about the initiative from this New York Times piece from last spring, and you’ll be hearing much more about our school’s new best friend soon.
EVCS will also have a full-time Phys Ed program this year! Our new PE teacher Eric will work with our students in the gymnasium at the Boys Club on 10th Street and Avenue A, as well as in our 4th floor movement room. We know that our kids need physical exercise and we’re excited to offer this important program at our school.
We are adopting a new platform for digital portfolios this year as a way to showcase key pieces of student work, and create a dynamic feedback loop on student work including teachers, parents and students. It’s called Seesawand you will be hearing all about it very soon.

There’s so much more to look forward to this year, including many great partnerships with local museums and arts organizations, electives and all of the enriching programs we offer to inspire your kids. Stay tuned!

I can’t wait to see your faces next week. If you need anything before Thursday please don’t hesitate to reach out.