Human Rights for Syria

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Our Core Value is Social Action

Dear EVCS family,

Holy moly, we’re on the other side of the middle of June and we’re starting to tick off “the last (fill in the blank) of the school year” moments, including this coming Monday morning when we will have our final School-Wide Morning Meeting. I won’t get too nostalgic here – I’ll save that for next week – but I do want to fill you in on the culminating event for one of the coolest projects our kids have been in engaged in this year.

I mentioned back in April that our 4th and 5th graders have been studying the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria. They have done much reading, writing and discussion about the situation, and because they are EVCS kids who have internalized our Core Values, they felt determined to do something to affect change in this part of the world. To that end – the 4th and 5th grade classes will be launching a fundraiser on Monday morning in the schoolyard, where they will sell hand made silk screened T-shirts ($20) and posters ($5). They look beautiful and all of the money raised will go directly to support The White Helmets in Syria. Big ups to EVCS parents Naomi Mizusaki who designed the image, and Anselm Dastner who made the screens. And a huge thanks to all of the kids, parents and teachers who helped silk screen the merch this week. Items will be on sale at arrival and dismissal all week, while supplies last!

Hope to see you on Monday for our last sing along and share of the year! (sniff, sniff)

Yours truly,