Workshop About Gender Expression and Identity – Saturday, June 3


Parent / Guardian Workshop About Gender Expression and Identity

Saturday, June 3 9:45 am – 12:00 am

Dear Parents and Guardians

Please join us as we welcome the Gender & Family Project to learn how to foster an inclusive, safe environment for gender expansive youth in our school community. Experts from the Ackerman Institute for the Family will engage parents on best practices to ensure safety and respect for all students. Children will explore and celebrate the diversity of identity with a guided art project.

Come together to support our young people and to help send the message that all are welcome in our schools.

We will explore the role of gender in our children’s journey of self-discovery, the impact of gender stereotypes on kids’ emotional and social development, how our own habits of language may influence our children’s experience of gender identity, and much, much more.

As we strive to raise children who take care of themselves and the people around them, who understand viscerally the value of inclusivity, and who have the tools to think critically about their highly mediated world, we are very eager to consider this issue with all of you.

Please RSVP here, especially if you will bring children (currently enrolled students only please):

Warm Regards,
EVCS Diversity Committee