General PA Meeting 3/22 Re-Cap

Hi Good People of EVCS – In case you couldn’t be at the last PA meeting, here are the highlights – the full meeting minutes are posted on the school’s website.

Refugee Support Project announced.
Students have embarked on a special Syrian Refugee Project. 4th and 5th graders are learning about the plight of refugees and will be spear-heading fundraising efforts to be donated to a yet-to-be-chosen charity. A special storyteller who tells Middle-Eastern folktales will visit with the younger grades. At the culmination of the project the entire school community-parents, too- is invited to a performance by the New York Arabic Orchestra.

PA will fund a New Recess Pilot Program to start after Spring Break!

The SLT (School Leadership Team) has been discussing the two connected subjects of how to increase physical activity of our students and how kids are experiencing and using their recess time. The SLT created a school-wide (K-5th) recess survey and a few members of the team observed different recess periods. According to the survey, most students enjoy recess, but there are 18-20% of the kids who for different reasons either don’t enjoy the time or are struggling to find something to do. The SLT proposed, as a pilot program, having “recess enhancement”. This basically is a physical education specialist on the playground during recess, 2 days a week, organizing voluntary games and activities for any student who wants to join in. The hope is that the kids who are more sedentary during recess will chose join and be more active and those who are feeling shut out or unable to join an activity, but want to, will be taught games and rules, thus perhaps opening a door for them to participate on other days.

The PA unanimously voted to fund the fees (estimated at $1800) for 12 weeks with the instructor and Bradley said the school budget will pay for any additional playground equipment needed. The program is set to start after spring break with former EVCS parent and track coach Aswad as the instructor!

We will soon announce whether the PA will need to do additional and separate fundraising to cover these instructor fees.

Spring Auction Gala is Saturday APRIL 29th!
This year held at St Mary’s Church on 442 Grand Street

1 and 1/2 weeks after we get back from Spring Break, yo! Literally, just around the corner! The party is on!

However, the TIME IS NOW for everyone to step-up and help out!

Auction items are still needed!
Register and bring-in your items ASAP.

Volunteers are needed! Sign up here
People are needed for set-up, clean-up, check-in/out table, merchandise. & raffle / drink ticket sales, bar help and baking for the dessert table.

Libation Donations needed! Beer, Wine, Saki, Champagne/ Prosecco, Aperitif (low proof) liquors, and soft drinks.
(a few examples of low proof liquors: Fernet Branca, Campari, Sambuca, Limoncello, Vermouth) contact if you can help us with this.

If you haven’t been able to help out or want to help more this year, now is your chance to get involved! It’s Easy, Rewarding and Fun!

We also need everyone to RSVP who is going and again, this year- we’re driving the fundraising committee bonkers- the entrance price is FREE!

PA Elections and Committee Chairs needed for 2017-18

The elections for the Executive Board positions will be held at the May General PA meeting (5/24-AM).
A Nominating Committee is being formed, members of which will be announced at the April PA meeting (4/26 – PM)

Ideally each position will have 2 people to share the job.

Here are the positions with very basic details of what is involved. If you are considering running for an Exec. position or want to chair a committee and want more information, please contact us! *

Co-President: Runs the monthly Executive Board Meeting and General PA meetings. Member of the SLT and attends monthly SLT meeting. Attends monthly D1 Presidents Council meetings. The president is a member of all committees and works with the committee chairs to help put forth their agendas. With the treasurer creates the yearly budget. 10-15 hours a month min.

Co-Treasurer: Attends monthly Exec board and PA General meetings and presents updated PA financials at each. The treasurer helps create the PA budget and manages the books. Writes checks and tracks fundraising. 6 hours min.

Co-Secretary: Attends monthly Exec board and PA General meetings. The secretary compiles and organizes the agenda for all PA meetings (general and executive board). The secretary takes the minutes at all PA meetings, and makes sure those minutes are posted on the school web site. The secretary also keeps track of attendance at meetings, and helps with other paperwork. 6 hours min.

We will also need people to fill Committee Chair positions. These also ideally should be co-chaired to reduce the work and responsibility. These positions are members of the Executive Board but are not required to attend the monthly Exec meetings. The committees are:
Events – Fall ball
Events- Jubilee
Events – Spring Gala
Communications and Tech
Green and Wellness
Community Action
Class Parent Chair

Fot the meeting’s minutes

So glad you read this! Really, we are huge fans of yours!
The Executive Board of EVCS