Late Registration, Scholarship + Payment, March 9 Half Day Programming and Pilot Study Hall Sign up for 4th and 5th graders


Welcome back and welcome to Spring 17. Thank you for enrolling in the Spring semester and for the lovely messages of appreciation and support.

Late registration: Opens at 6PM today. Registrations made by Friday, March 3 at 9AM will be honored.
We will be expecting late registration participants to attend AfterSchool next week, beginning March 6 if your child/ren:
* was/were not previously enrolled in the program and you are registering your child for the first time officially during this late registration process
* is/are adding a class
* is/are transferring to class/es other than those for which s/he was previously registered
* is/are transferring to a class on a day of the week other than those for which s/he was previously registered

Access to the late registration link and step by step instructions are both here, the latest revised and brand new courses are included in the class description and bios here, scholarship forms and submission instructions are available here. Scholarship forms should be submitted AT THE SAME TIME YOU REGISTER FOR CLASS/ES. Please access the AfterSchool webpage for instructions on submitting scholarship forms here and direct all payment questions to MMCC. Note that scholarship is meant to work as tuition assistance and that MMCC will base potential packages on your enrollment and registration.

If you are not selecting one 2-hour class, be certain to choose two 1-hour classes. Check out further explanation around this as well as this handy chart disseminated during the regular registration period depicting daily schedules click here.

Sign up for the March 9 Half Day programming here. Registrations made by Friday, March 3 at 9AM will be honored.

Sign up for the new Pilot Study Hall offering here for 4th and 5th grade students only. We are experimenting with an OPTIONAL 4th and 5th grade study hall that will be provided during snack time immediately following dismissal from the day school. Having said that, this innovation will mean that AfterSchool will be operating immediately following dismissal on three separate floors simultaneously. This will certainly be a test of our capacity. so stay tuned and stay patient. We will have 4th and 5th grade students in an upper floor classroom designated for snack and, in alignment with EVCS day school policies, enable 25 – 30 minutes of quiet time for homework and/or reading. A proctor will be on hand to supervise but no tutors or specialists will be hired for this role.

Updates: New and Revised Courses
We lost one of our new S.T.E.M. partners. As a result Tuesday’s littleBits class will be changing. Once students become confident and master their ability to create, design and improvise working mechanistic objects in real – time lessons involving littleBits will be introduced. littleBits is considered to be age appropriate for older students and emphasizes creative and artistic slant on engineering with strong leanings towards many of the same concepts S.T.E.M. Studio would have already introduced in a broader context: input, output, color, sensors and more! In it’s stead, Bricks 4 Kidz will be graciously hosting S.T.E.M. Studio. Bricks is a DOE approved vendor and its robust and meticulous curriculum, lesson plans and supporting documents align with Next Generation Science Standards which focus on “improving science education through three dimensional learning.” They are also a long time partner of MMCC.

New Wednesday Course: Make Books and Curate will enable students to luxuriously spend time styling self-designed books “from scratch.” Calligraphy and other font styles will be employed to distinguish and celebrate our distinctive styles and experiences as well as creative voices. Fiction and non-fiction. Large and miniature. Layered and textured. Coffee table books (with real objects) as well as books beyond the more traditional form. Pending individual and group work preferences, we could explore comic book, graphic novel styles and the lesser known forms of accordion, flag, multimedia,and landscape books. Ultimately participants will weigh in on projects we will pursue and those we choose to revisit…culminating in an invitation to parents to come in and view our course output aka the first Make Books and Curate “library.”

Check out detailed course descriptions and bios for the aforementioned courses and our full portfolio of Spring classes here.

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