Fri Feb 17 : please pick up at 5PM!!!

Hello Families,

The entire building and facilities will be closed AT 5PM on the last day of AfterSchool’s Fall semester which is Friday, February 17th due to some work that ConEd will be conducting. We do not have control over these plans nor can we alter them.


+ Please be sure to pick up your child/ren AT 5PM Friday, February 17th as we will need to vacate the building immediately.

+ We are asking that the parents and guardians of any child/ren enrolled in AfterCare similarly pick up at 5PM on the dot. We will try to identify a warm alternative venue (tentatively: Tompkins Square Library on 10th between Aves A & B?) in case of inclement weather and since this also happens to be the final day preceding Mid – Winter break.


+ If 5PM pick up that day creates a hiccup for you, please contact Moses St. Bernard as he will be on duty during AfterCare hours that Friday, February 17th!

If you absolutely need coverage beyond 5PM that day please email him immediately at:

In the event you are running late in spite of your best efforts, please call or text Moses that day at: 631-639-1103

And yes! We are working diligently to perfect the Spring portfolio of options. Sit tight for further details. Remember that applications to MMCC for financial assistance were emailed home (subject line: “AfterSchool | Winding Down, Gearing Up”) on January 12th.


**Mid – Winter break runs from Monday, February 20th through to and including Friday, February 24th;

**The Spring semester will begin /AfterSchool will resume Monday, February 27th.

All best,