EVCS Gala 2017-Celebrating 30 years!

Hello All EVCS Families!

Hope you are all enjoying the slopes, the beaches or the warmth and fun of NYC during the mid-winter break! Don’t forget to do your Parent Homework assignment sent out in backpacks last week! We are all tasked with bringing in items for the Spring Gala’s Silent Auction! The Gala is April 29th, a month earlier than past years, so we need to get cracking!


Speaking of beaches, slopes, NYC and the Gala, if you happen to be at a resort, take a minute to ask if they would make a donation to a great NYC public school. If you are skiing, maybe they too offer packages we can auction off! Or if you are thinking of taking a walk, grabbing a coffee right here in our amazing city, on your way to a museum, stop and ask for donations at both the coffee shop, the museum and the clothing store along the way. There’s nothing to lose and they can’t say yes, unless you ask! The reality is all vendors are interested and these donations are a small priced advertisement for them plus a tax write off.

It’s a big year for EVCS. We are turning 30! So let’s all go out and bring in some fun auction items to support this school we love so much. Our kids and teachers need us.

Hope you are all enjoying this winter break 2017! See you in the schoolyard!!!

EVCS Spring Gala Mosaic 04-01