AfterSchool | Winding Down, Gearing Up

The Last Long Love Letter

 Welcome to a brand new year for AfterSchool,

 Many of us have been working behind the scenes to ensure the viability of AfterSchool. To that point, thanks to James Bromberg and PA Presidents Catharine and Annette for keeping folks informed about the collective series of meetings treating this issue since the beginning days of this academic year. Whether at the AfterSchool Advisory Committee (ASAC), Executive and General PA meetings and even the SLT; together we covered critical topics on how best to move forward. Most important, we did so as a community. Given all that “processing” – you are likely aware that we are on precipice of a nascent partnership with an outside organization. Mosholu aka MMCC ( is the organization officially taking over for the PA effective this upcoming Spring 2017 semester.

With a definitive chapter now closing and a new one on the horizon, it is a fine time to convey some well -deserved gratitude. To the original team who started it all: Martha Kessler and Elizabeth Puccini; to past and present directors and volunteers Moira Brennan and Jen Domani as well as loyal ASAC members! To PA officers who have put in the hours: Jeremy Sherber, Allison Gordon, Boryana Yakova and current Treasurer and bookkeeper Brian Crowley, to President Catharine Lyons and Annette Sroka – – we would not be here without your stewardship and concerted efforts. Many thanks to Bradley for being an involved advocate for all EVCS families since AfterSchool’s inception.  Also to James Bromberg for taking care of us and keeping parents connected and informed. To Assistant Principal Liz W., Agent Baptiste and all the teachers who host and guide us – – thank you for the reliability and lightning fast responsiveness we have come to trust. To building staff – we appreciate your investment in AfterSchool’s  prosaic well – being. We could not have sustained AfterSchool without any of the aforementioned contributions. Warm fuzzies and respect to participating parents who have enthusiastically come back to us semester after semester and to those who, participating or not, have donated snacks and other much needed materials over the years. And of course a great shout to dedicated AfterSchool staff for being willing to do “what it takes” to keep the majority of our audience captive over time.

We have only begun to tap the full potential of this program and I find this very moment and the future of this AfterSchool overall to be full of possibility. We are partnering with a venerable seventy – five year old organization with fantastic resources, expertise on a wide range of relevant issues, a great deal of experience growing and running multiple after school programs as well as a track record for doing meaningful community building. I wish to stay on board as AfterSchool moves towards a more secure and solvent state.

Also, to those of us who have donated thousands of work hours and dollars to keep this program afloat: it is my hope that anyone now doing AfterSchool’s critical and core work from this point forward will do so with our community’s hallmark values, a fair and living wage and the same brand of sensitivity afforded to the working families which this program strives to serve.

Finally, thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate this unprecedented moment and a new reality.Scroll down to for opportunities to weigh in, stay involved and informed!



Key Dates: holidays, mmcc info sessions, key spring semester transition and roll out dates

Mon, Jan 16 | No AfterSchool

Weds, Jan 18 | Parent Info Sessions with Mosholu/MMCC On Site

– Morning Session @ the General PA Meeting (8:30 a.m.)
– Evening Session (5:00 p.m.)
– Sign up for childcare by Tuesday, Jan 17 no later than 12 noon right here:
Evening Parent Info Session RSVP

Thurs, Jan 19 | Super Short Feedback on Fall 2016 AfterSchool closes at 12 noon
-Share feedback pertaining to AfterSchool’s current (Fall semester) programming and personnel.
-There is room for open-ended thoughts at the end of the survey:
Feedback on Fall 2016
– Use the Virtual Suggestion Box that’s always available on EVCS’ and AfterSchool’s home page if you miss the deadline or to capture additional thoughts. (Scroll down to Further Details for link).

Weds, Feb 1 | PreK/K AfterSchool classes are in session!!!

Thurs, Feb 2 | AfterSchool Advisory Committee meeting
– As always, all are welcome!
– Note: there is a slim possibility that the latter portion of this meeting may be usurped for to treat closed door internal staff issues
– Sign up for childcare here by Mon, Jan 30 at 12 noon:
ASAC 2/2/17 Childcare RSVP

Week of Feb 6 OR Feb 13 | Spring registration and processing of scholarship applications*
– MMCC feedback historically has a turnaround of 4 business days for scholarship packages
– More details on billing policies / cycles and payment plans will be forthcoming.
*Revised from roll out milestones shared at previous meetings and, also subject to change.

Fri, Feb 17 | Last day of Fall semester

Mon, Feb 27| Start of Spring semester

Further Details

Spring 2017: Parent Info Sessions with Mosholu/MMCC on Site

Meet and greet Lenora Seeley on January 18th! Mosholu’s economies of scale allows us to lower prices significantly and include the 5 – 6pm hour in that package. They offer sibling discounts and scholarships. Like every other organization (save the Parent Association), they will require documentation and paperwork accompanying such requests. Examples will include a current tax return, W-2 form, most recent paycheck stub, child support agreements, rent receipt(s)/copy of lease, court orders where relevant and public assistance paperwork (award letter or budget sheet). Mosholu will be furnishing us with further details around eligibility and their application process at this event. Also,  I am inviting families with major concerns to reach out to me now as I am more than happy to serve as a liaison while putting inquiries and cases on Mosholu’s radar ASAP.

A copy of the current MMCC Scholarship Form is attached here and will be going home in kid’s backpacks shortly. Forms will also be available in the main office (room 205)!

Stay Involved

1.) Please take a breather and share feedback pertaining to AfterSchool’s current (Fall semester) programming and personnel in the survey on Fall 2016 AfterSchool which will remain open till 12 noon Thurs, Jan 19!

2.) Come to the AfterSchool Advisory Committee meetings in February and beyond as AfterSchool recalibrates and our new partnership with MMCC takes shape!

3) You are also welcome to use the Virtual Suggestion Box available at EVCS’ home page or on AfterSchool’s web page for additional or alternative feedback – especially if you are unable to participate or finish the Fall Survey in time for the deadline!!!

Snap Shot: What to Expect Spring 2017

Spring Portfolio of Classes
We have already referenced last Spring’s Family Survey and taken into account parent suggestions from meetings and via AfterSchool’s Virtual Suggestion Box available online (AfterSchool’s Virtual Suggestion Box). We will use your assessments from the Fall 2016 AfterSchool Feedback survey in our internal evaluation process and as we design the Spring semester. Be advised that the incorporation of new classes depends heavily on enrollment numbers, capacity, access to shared space and other physical requirements as well as sourcing, vetting and securing qualified teachers and instructors.


Many of you have heard that we are adopting a new schema, by which several (but not all) of our classes will be one hour sessions. As a result AfterSchool participants will have two different courses to attend instead of one. Outside of this experiential shift, we are are working to preserve the look and feel of our current program.

Now…PreK/K (PK/K) classes emphasize developmentally appropriate goals. Most notably PK/K classes block off approx 35 – 45 minutes towards focused learning, setting aside the remainder of PK/K programming for transitions (which are minimized), choice and down time.

Meanwhile courses for grades 1 – 5 have been designed to run at least for 1.5 hours (including transition time). Over the years we have noted that subject matter can be a predictor in determining which classes easily elapse those ninety minutes and which classes struggle to do so. As a result and with a clear focus on improving and preserving the caliber of courses and instruction to which we are accustomed – we will be applying the aforementioned insights very intentionally in order to safeguard “what’s working!” And we will do so employing MMCC’s time – tested program models which already offer two different 1 hour class sessions per day for students to attend.

(Not So New) Staff Bios

We have been experimenting by expanding roles and reorganizing internally in response to unprecedented program growth and also preparation for imminent changes. If you haven’t already noticed the following dynamic duo, introduce yourself but first, read about them here!


Moses St. Bernard
Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Moses St.Bernard moved to New York City at the age of 17 to pursue a Bachelors in Information Technology, minoring in Psychology. He brings a diverse range of experience to the table as Moses has taught educational workshops for staff at BMCC, worked as a project manager for an investment firm and taught STEM based after school classes at several schools throughout New York City (including EVCS). Moses has also cofounded a company named eSTEAMed, which has a main aim to merge fun, creative movement and STEM learning. Moses also enjoys playing weekly soccer games and developing his photography skills in his spare time.

Alex Ficarelli-Danberg
Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Alex worked as an accountant and bookkeeper after studying at Northeastern University. He became interested in the zero waste movement and volunteered for CitySoil, an organization that composted the city of Boston’s organic material and worked with local elementary and high schools to educate urban youth on the importance of composting and proper recycling. Alex has coached little league baseball and pee-wee hockey, and worked with children and young adults with developmental disabilities at one of the summer camps with which he has wracked up experience of late. He finds the beach restorative, loves  his dog, Huckleberry and has found a deep passion for woodworking and furniture making.


Due to day school and AfterSchool budgetary and licensing restrictions, snack is not currently included in AfterShool. Please pack plenty o’ snacks for your little persons.They are ravenous!

Email Moses and Alex at adminafterschool@evcsnyc.orgwith any adjustments to your child’s regular routine:

  • Early pick up
  • Authorized adult for pick up other than those already listed during registration
  • Absence from school / AfterSchool
  • Possibility of late pick up from AfterSchool
  • Possibility of late pick up from AfterCare, all other AfterCare issues

Inclement Weather
Be on the lookout for an email alert in the event NYC mandates closure of the AfterSchool program!

Tax Season
AfterSchool does qualify as a child care provider. So reach out to Parent Association Treasurers with questions in preparation for prepping childcare tax credit statements in your tax returns. Be advised that you’ll need the EIN number included in your invoice(s), which is, for your convenience: 34-2000781

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Parent Info Sessions with Mosholu/MMCC RSVP:
(deadline Tues, Jan 17 at 12 noon)

Super Short Feedback on Fall 2016  Survey:
(deadline Thurs, Jan 19 at 12 noon)

ASAC 2/2/17 RSVP:
(deadline Mon, Jan 30 at 12 noon)

Virtual Suggestion Box: