EVCS Playground Results

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 8.39.37 AM

Thank you to all who voted for our new school yard! From all three schools, seven hundred thirty one kids, parents, and teachers voted for the new yard plan! After tallying all of the votes, 153 people voted for Option 1 (larger track and field but smaller, new play structure) and 578 people voted for Option 2 (smaller track and field but larger, refurbished play structure). While the winner was clear, there was still a lot of great suggestions put into our ballot box as well. The fourth graders working on the planning committee met one final time to look at the comments and make adjustments. Above is the final plan for the yard. (It’s hi-res, so you can zoom in closer to see details.)

This plan is Option 2, but includes a few changes based on the feedback that design received. The playhouse designed for the younger students will now be on the new play mats near the playground equipment. By making this move, we were able to incorporate the outdoor classroom space near the 12th Street fence so many people wanted from the initial Option 1 design. The four-square and the basketball shooting station is also now co-located, allowing that space to be more multi-purpose and keep the larger playing area less structured. This final design also now includes our students’ designs for artwork to be painted on the ground! The theme the students in our building voted on was “outer space” and so the artwork reflects that theme.

Now comes the fun part – waiting for approvals and permits from the city! We’ll keep everyone posted as to the timeline for the work to begin, but our fingers are crossed for summertime construction!